Theresa May was hit with a bombshell revelation at Prime Minister’s Questions today about her own failure to act on sexual abuse by MPs.

It comes after alleged sexual harassment by serving Tory MPs and Cabinet ministers was brought to light by a leaked dossier of incidents drawn up by Tory whips.

May began PMQs by proposing a cross-party meeting to agree a response to the scandal that has shaken Parliament.

But Labour MP Lisa Nandy reminded the PM that she had warned her THREE TIMES that abuse by MPs was being covered up – and more than three years ago:

In June 2014, when May was Home Secretary, Nandy warned her in Parliament that whips were covering up sexual abuse by MPs:

This is the clip from the BBC documentary that Nandy refers to in her question:

A month later, Nandy asked May to ensure that records kept by party whips were publicly available to stop abuse being covered-up:

And a day after asking that question, Nandy wrote to May to urge her to make information held by whips available to the inquiry into child abuse:

We now know that Theresa May:

  • Did not act on warnings that whips had covered-up historic sexual abuse
  • Knew about the list of alleged sexual harassment by her own Cabinet ministers and MPs and did nothing
  • And has taken no action against Tory MP Stephen Crabb – despite him admitting sexting a teenager

How can she be trusted to deal with this scandal? 

  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    She must be investigated it’s been clear she is the cover up and there are many other significant cover ups under her rule!!!!!

  2. Maybe that’s why Tory MP’s voted for her to become leader and Prime Minister. She knew about the skeleton’s in their cupboards. When it came to voting for a leader she reminded them they owed her a favour. She watched their backs when she was Home Secretary. She knew about their dirty secrets. It was their turn to return the favour.

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