Ruth Davidson has rightly criticised the “locker room culture” in politics after Michael Fallon resigned as Defence Secretary amid a sexual harassment scandal at Westminster.

The Scottish Tory leader told Radio 4’s Today programme: “The dam has broken on this now and these male dominated professions, overwhelmingly male dominated professions, where the boys own locker room culture has prevailed and it’s all been a bit of a laugh, has got to stop.” 

The only problem is that Davidson has herself been accused of indulging that culture in the past.

Speaking to journalists in Westminster last year, she told the following joke about Stephen Crabb’s first sexting scandal:

“That’s kind of the difference between our two parties. You know, Labour’s still fumbling with its flies while the Tories are enjoying a post-coital cigarette after withdrawing our massive Johnson. Sorry that’s not even my speech, that’s just a text from Stephen Crabb.”

That doesn’t seem so funny in light of Crabb’s admission that he sent sexually explicit texts to another young woman who applied for a job in his Westminster office.

It’s that kind of behaviour that prompted Mandy Rhodes, the editor of Holyrood magazine, to criticise Davidson for her “laddishness”.

In the piece from September, she suggests Davidson’s attitude is harming efforts to “move on from accepting that rugby club boorishness was harmless bants among lads in a locker room.”

Davidson’s team was this week caught trying to gag a Twitter user who criticised her over her past political allegiance with Crabb in light of his latest admission.

We’re still not aware that she has publicly and clearly condemned his behaviour.

Maybe that would be the best place to start “clearing out the stable”…

  1. Who thinks the wee fat bitch is ‘popular’?

    Only in the delusional minds of what passes for the Scottish media.

  2. Ruth Davidson is not and never has been popular with voters or she she would have won elections, kinda simples is it not, she’s every bit as responsible for the bad behaviour her party indulges in with her own *Laddish* manner and *Sexist jokes* in order to fit in with the people she associates with who are mainly sectarian bigoted racists who never seem to get fired from their jobs, just suspended and then instantly become Tory Independents and it’s as you were all over again

    Always one rule for British Nationalists and it’s *Britannia Waves the Rules*

    For themselves

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