Theresa May could lose her third Cabinet minister in as many weeks after Tory MPs piled pressure on Boris Johnson to quit as Foreign Secretary over his handling of the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – the British mum imprisoned in Iran since last April.

Nicky Morgan said this afternoon that Johnson “should be considering his position” after he claimed that she was teaching journalists in Iran rather than visiting family – a mistake which could see her five year sentence doubled.

Speaking on the Daily Politics, the former Education Secretary said somebody else should do the crucial job if Johnson isn’t prepared to put in the huge amount of work necessary:

Her comments came after former Business Minister Anna Soubry told the Westminter Hour last night that Johnson may have no choice but to walk if it’s proved he failed in his “first duty” to keep British citizens safe.

She also condemned Michael Gove’s attempt to defend Johnson as “bizarre”, saying the Foreign Secretary’s comments were simply “wrong”:

Despite evidence that he worsened Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s situation, Johnson is refusing to make a statement to Parliament clarifying his comments – as requested by her family.

He also again refused to give a direct answer to questions about her case as he arrived for a meeting in Brussels this morning:

The situation will be debated in the Commons this afternoon after Labour secured an urgent question, which is presumably: Isn’t it time to sack the clown and the circus? 

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  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    This Boris Johnson must be sacked if any credibility to to tory rule is to be possible. What is Damien green doing as deputy prime minister porno perv. What does his position Luke Boris state about Theresa May?????? A prime minister only for power but zero morality ethics and gove now as well should go.

  2. Why was he given the job in the first place? He backed out of opposing Theresa for leadership of the Conservative Party before the contest took place. In return he was promoised a top job which he is not fit to do. It is not about the country. It is all about the Conservative Party. The decision to call the referendum, taken by David Cameron, was about siliencing the different factions in the party. May’s decision to call a General Election was all about getting a large enough majority to keep the Hard Brexit faction quiet. As for the country – they are fed up with this shambles. We have a group of very wealthy ambitious incompetents running the country bankrolled by an elite who do not paying their taxes. We need to get them OUT! Johnson, Gove, May, Green and all the other incompetents in the cabinet need to go. They think governing is all about cutting and privatising services.

  3. I just don’t think any of our present politicians have the necessary insight into the ‘real world’ where most normal people live and work. It is as if it is all a bit of a joke to them. They don’t seem to realise it is a life or death situation.

  4. Can that be because most of this lot have a privileged background and really don’t understand real experience on the ground. It’s all part of a game they played in school.

  5. Carol worthington says:

    Boris is not fit 4 purpose, he needs to go not Resign like Patel was, Sacked at once .Hes a Cruel Heartless Man who Cares about no 1, Everything is a bloody Joke to him, The only Joke I see is him,

  6. It could be that Boris Johnson is sharpest thing in the Conservative’s ‘patch and mend’ tool box. Therefore, should he be given a minder for foreign affairs?
    Or, can we expect a few more photo ops of him sliding down a zip wire smiling at the voters? Shame that the Conservatives came in with an agenda to penalise the disabled community just to advance their own narrow neo colonalism interests, all done in the name of the British people. They really are the uncaring clowns.

  7. Doreen Robinson says:

    The Tories are practising conscious cruelty. We had a Tory MP in our area (Weavervale). In seven years he never once stepped foot in the poor working class areas he represented. He kept well out of the way. He did not address his less well off constituents issues. He did not respond to their requests for help. The wealthy middle class area saw improvements to roads, parks and gardens, policing and housing. The working class areas were ignored. He lost his seat in the General Election. The voters in the poor areas and young people woke up to what this cruel callous government are doing. Multi millionaire Boris did the same when he was Mayor of London. They are governing for their voters. At the same time they are depriving the North and Labour voting areas of the services they desperately need.

  8. Doreen, why do the ordinary relatively poor working class people vote for the wealthy, the multi millionaires, and the billionaires Conservatives in the first place? Is it because these people believe what is said in the Conservative media, and look down on the unemployed and vulnerable disabled or sick people; believing as a worker, they deserve more money than people who don’t have jobs?

    Becoming ill or disabled can happen to any of us. And the benefits are for all who fall on hard times! That’s a fact of life. So is getting away with getting away with claiming what you are not entitled to. Or not paying your taxes if you can get away with it. This can be dealt with by laws, without tarring whole communities with the same brush.
    The rich are only asked to pay their fair share of taxes. We all deserve a Level playing field and opportunities in life.

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