One of his ministers is preparing to quit, another 30 Tory MPs are organising a rebellion and the chair of the defence selection committee has accused the Government of “hollowing-out” the armed forces – plans for drastic cuts to defence spending aren’t popular.

But the new Defence Secretary hasn’t discussed the cut backs facing the armed forces with the Chancellor – more than three weeks after being appointed.

Gavin Williamson made the astonishing admission as he made a disastrous dispatch box debut at defence questions in the Commons this afternoon.

Asked by Labour MP Bambos Charalambous what discussions he has had with the Chancellor about the funding of his department, Williamson replied:

“As yet I’m to have a formal meeting with the Chancellor but I’m very much looking forward to doing so to discuss our shared future.”

As shadow defence secretary Nia Griffith put it: “It’s one thing to ask and not get but another not even to bother asking”.

It’s very sweet that the new kid is “very much looking forward” to meeting a celebrity like the Chancellor soon – but he seems oblivious to the fact that the Budget took place last week.

It was just one of a number of gaffes made by the newest member of Theresa May’s cabinet of crisis.

He also highlighted his lack of expertise or experience by making some fairly major factual errors in a “Dalek-like” performance:

Tory MPs called it “mad” – and other unmentionable things – when May allowed Williamson to effectively promoted himself to the role earlier this month.

Williamson proved today he’s more of a sinking ship than a secret weapon…

  1. A defence secretary with no experience of the Armed Forces. I hope he is good at accepting the advice of his civil servants.

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