When it was revealed last night that Priti Patel had held two more secret meetings than she had declared, it was reported that the Prime Minister’s patience with the embattled International Development Secretary had run out. 

The Government had already been embarrassed by Patel’s admission on Monday that she had held 12 secret meetings with Israeli political and business leaders – including PM Benjamin Netanyahu – during a “family holiday” to Israel.

Now we learned that she had held two further meetings with an Israeli government minister and official in London and New York.

Furious at being deceived twice, Theresa May today summoned her International Development Secretary back from Uganda to sack her.

A line would be drawn under this bizarre scandal.

However, a sensational exclusive story in the Jewish Chronicle has challenged everything we have assumed about this story so far.

The paper’s editor, Stephen Pollard, says two sources have told him that:

  • Theresa May has known about Patel’s meeting with Netanyahu since August
  • The Prime Minister has discussed with Patel her meeting with Netanyahu
  • Patel also told Number 10 about the two additional meetings she held in New York and London
  • But she was told not to mention them in her statement on Monday to avoid embarrassing the Foreign Office

If that was the case, then the Government has been misleading the public and surely May would have to go with Patel.

A Downing Street spokesman insists though that the story is not true, insisting May did not know about the meetings before this week and refusing the idea Number 10 told Patel to leave any meetings out of her initial statement.

We doubt that will be the last word on this explosive story…

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  1. “A Downing Street spokesman insists though that the story is not true.” Well, you wouldn’t expect No10 to admit it, now would you!

  2. Teresa May is no different from previous Priministers they all lie to cover their wrong doings and they are Pro s At it lying pack of twisted shites

  3. William Donald Williams says:

    Both recipientsunami deceiving parliament
    Mean they have both broken the rules
    This should be enough for both to leave parliament. Under parliamentary stand Ards NO EXCUSES THEY SHOULD BOTH LEAVE THE HOUSE …

  4. Terence Fowkes says:

    The thing is with lying you also need a good memory, it appears to me we have a PM and a number of her cabinet ministers suffering from amnesia !

  5. It shows how low things have become when people not in the media believe an editor of a biased newspaper rather than the PM of Britain.

  6. David Prichard-Jones says:

    The public have been told so many lies over the EU deal that one no longer trusts anything that one is told by this government.

  7. patrick newman says:

    So is this a set up to destroy what little credibility the PM may have had. Is this a challenge to the leadership without a stalking horse. Is Patel saying to May – sack me if you dare and you.ll get me to lead a move to set off a leadership election?

  8. if Therese may keep .patel and boris ,we might well have no government rather then a corrupt government..just like brexit no deal is better then a bad deal….better still remove this corrupt government from powerNOW

  9. What other profession allows such contemptible behaviour go unpunished time and time again…..

    Uk governance is permanent in its’ ridiculousness.

    Revolt and change.

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