Jeremy Hunt has been diagnosed with a case of severe “bullshit” after his claims about NHS improvement under the Tories were given a second opinion by an unlikely source – Dr Who star Ralf Little.

The actor took it upon himself to disprove Hunt in a truly epic Twitter thread and has also challenged the Health Secretary to a TV debate over the future of the NHS.

It comes after the pair clashed over the Tory MP’s claim on the Andrew Marr show last month that he is leading the “biggest expansion of mental health provision in Europe”.

Little accused Hunt of lying to the public:

A week later, Hunt replied to Little with some statistics supposedly backing up his claim:

Now Little has run some tests on those figures and revealed the results – they don’t look good for the Health Secretary…

Hunt better hope he hasn’t cut the burns unit…

  1. An typical Tory of the highest order. Deserves a knighthood for what he’s doing to the NHS. I deplore knighthoods!

  2. Mr Hunt will be uncontrollably dribbling behind the shower curtain of his £40,000 tax payer funded bathroom trying to massage the alternative facts in his favour. Nicely called out Ralf..
    Look forward to the Queens cousins response..!!

  3. Mr Hunt will be uncontrollably dribbling behind the shower curtain of his £40,000 tax payer funded bathroom trying to massage the alternative facts in his favour. Nicely called out Ralf..
    Look forward to the Queens cousins response..!!

  4. Well done Ralf we need more people like you to expose these people. Can you please do a similar exposé on barking, buffoon Boris

  5. It’s time for general election, when a party will not allow it’s economic manefesto be independently compared to apposing parties and then have to pay £1billion to have control, this is not democracy it’s the rape of nations human and democratic rights. The NHS, banking, utilities and food industries are being controlled by private corporates. In summary, health, well bring, security, safety, law, and human rights are being taken away from the 99%

  6. Just looked for @ralphlittle on twitter but he does not appear in my search. Has #Hunt reported him for telling the truth?

  7. Bravo Ralf, you hero. Now if only all the information you have so brilliantly gathered could be broadcast on a mainstream programme, in order to educate the ‘British People’ instead of them believing the facts as presented in the Mail, Telegraph and Sun. The NHS means so much to me and to the voting public – Hunt’s lies need to be exposed.

  8. Mary Richards says:

    It is doubtful he will meet with you. He tends to run away and hide behind trees rather than listen to people who just might know what they are talking about.

  9. Well bravo Mr Little, an excellent piece, simply brilliant, one of those pieces you wished you’d come up with yourself.

  10. Andrew Metcalf says:

    Well done Ralf, it can sometimes feel like shovelling blancmange trying to counter the flow of careful selected unrepresentative data these people insist on publishing – largely unchallenged by the mainstream media. My MP is Philip Dunne, no 2 to Jeremy Hunt in Dept of Health, and I spend too much of my life trying to highlight the big lies hidden behind the little truths he insists on releasing into our local community. Keep up the good work – facts, however strong dont shift many people’s allegiances very quickly, but the drip drip drip makes a difference – person at a time!

  11. Well done Ralph. I doubt he’ll take you up on your offer and will probably hope this just gets ignored by the mainstream press. Who are all in on the lies these people spread to further their own hidden agendas.

  12. I always liked you Ralph. But now I love you. What you have said could not be bettered .it’s a shame the weasel , Hunt won’t have a public debate with you. He is a true blue snivelling weasel , and a coward when it comes to the truth. Watch him squirm his way out It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious .as our our NHS is under threat from these people Keep it up Ralph

  13. While I praise Ralph Little for so expertly calling bullshit on Jeremy Hunt I must take issue with describing him as a Dr Who star. Ralph has been in one episode of Dr Who but has starred in other series.

  14. michael troup says:

    Excellent. But why do the media let him get away with it? He has been distorting NHS statistics willy-nilly for years. It looks like he wants failure/chaos so he can say the NHS isn’t up to it anymore – let’s privatise. Visit any A+E any evening and you will see how understaffed/under-resourced they are, despite which they will be doing their best, and most patients will get a fair service, if at times delayed. Come on media, get your act together, and quiz him at the highest level, no 1 minute sound bites.

  15. Ashley Horsfall says:

    Absolutely cracking Ralf I doubt if you’ll get an on air debate with the spineless inept lying moron who is intent on privatising the NHS, selling it off to the likes of Branson et al

  16. Removal of the student nurses bursary, introducing student fees to nursing students who already complete a 35 hour week of placement and theory and barely have time for a part time job to fund their studies. Removal of funding of CPD to help develop your career as a nurse (which is required to keep your pin. Im paying £2k for mine) and the cost of a nurses pin continues to 8ncrease with no pay increase. Why be a nurse?? The tories want it gor the elite and privileged and to make nursing in the private sector more appealing so people will jump ship.

  17. Catherine Moran says:

    Finally someone in the public eye has exposed this lying government for what they are. Well done Ralf!
    So many times the government set up smoke screens to divert the public’s attention away from their very real and urgent plans to sell off OUR NHS. Twitter is great but it’s not out there enough for the uninformed general public, this needs to be broadcast on television at peak viewing time.
    I sincerely hope it is before it’s too late.

  18. Hundreds of trained counsellors are graduating from university’s every year, no jobs to be found as counsellors unless you are IAPT trained. Can’t apply to get on the course unless you retrain as a PWP and then become a High intensity therapist!

  19. Excellent Ralf. Can someone now do the same to expose the Conservatives in the way they are destroying every other aspect of public services. The NHS is crucial, but so is education and they have the wrecking ball out for that as well. We all know that equality of opportunity is an impossible objective, but this government is determined to destroy the chances of children attending state schools to improve the opportunities of the establishment. Perhaps the Labour Party could research the education system with as much skill as you have shown, enough to show how the use of academy trusts is destroying any hope for equality in education?

  20. Brilliant piece, well written. Now to get it on national tv channels, newspapers etc. But who will dare ? MSM in control of the minority party , or vice versa. The FEW are definitely ‘ all in it together ‘

  21. Huge admiration for you Ralf. That’s a lot of fact finding you’ve done. Can’t wait to see this live discussion .

  22. Well done, Ralf that is excellent but of course he will not respond as he won’t be able to understand it – there are more than three letter words in it…..I am sure that he knows he was trying to pass over false information and wil not want to draw more attention to himself. It is disapointing that Andrew Marr did not tackle such cr9p at the time it was spouted……

  23. OMG that so blew your cover Mr Hunt! Let’s see what your next move is going to be? Dare you rise to the challenge?

  24. Pauline Hardwick says:

    I pray that sometime in the the future the will of the people is based on such truths you display. Instead of the lies of the self ordained elite, and self righteous.

  25. What is truely shameful besides Hunt lying, is that all the stats Ralph that you called upon, are presumably the same stats that are available to Andrew Marr, The Today programme and other interviewers and that they do not do the same. Challenge the lying bastards with facts is all we need them to do so I’m left feeling that the BBC biaise is real. Well done Ralph.

  26. top marks to ralf little. but really – twitter is a very painful way to get this kind of message across. endlessly. broken. up. into. little. bits.

  27. Patricia leung says:

    How despicable that Mr Hunt is still able to proffer his ridiculas lies. What is so sad that after I spend my adult life working in mental health in all age groups this government has continued to distroy our NHS. How can the general public have voted this despicable bunch into power it beggars belief. If I could tell you staff in mental health have been trying to defend their patient groups from all this creeping privatisation for the last decade. Teams consistently loose out in tendering . The changes that were forced on trusts are unaceptable if you can’t deliver safe services it is wrong to try to patch and make do. Patients deserve better. I feel for colleagues still trying to provide services in such a toxic environment . If only the general public were truly atuned to what this government is doing they would be sure to march on Downing Street .

  28. I think a lot of politicians and political opinion leaders use A Marr show as a platform for peddling lies, and they rarely get seriously challenged.

  29. Oh I enjoyed that well done Ralph.As an x nurse I worked through Thatcher and Majors mess but ,Hunt takes the biscuit for destruction and lies.

  30. Ralf Little, you Sir, are EPIC. As a mental health patient, I have yet to see a doctor in psychiatry. So far I have only been seen by nurses, and the talking therapy offered has a limit of maximum 12 sessions, and quite frankly, was no help at all and just wasted my time and the petrol it took to get to the health centre where the therapist worked from which was only accessible by public transport if I took 4 buses! Mental health services are not effective in the UK – this is from the perspective of being a patient of the service

  31. Nice one Ralf … well done. Safely say that there goes your nighthood as the son of a former Nuffield Trust director, the cousin of BUPAs girl in the Lord’s and cousin of the Queen who made his money by fleecing the taxpayer with his company Hotcourses (a job given to him by Bottomley when at the British Council) and MP for Bottomleys former constituency, also co-wrote a book before joining the Government on privatising the NHS. It’s about time someone stood up to these over-priviledged sociopaths who think they can do what they want without being held to account for the consequences of their actions. Respect to Ralf.

  32. Jeremy Hunt won’t debate with Ralf, so why not get Ralf on the Andrew Marrs show for ‘clarification’ of Hunt’s stats?

  33. Well Done Ralf!
    It must have taken you a good while to sort out that information you gave Jeremy Hunt, it would have cost the NHS thousands if not more, to put a research project together & gather the correct info, & then l am sure it would have ‘miraculously’ changed before it was released.. Time to speak to the people on the ground, working day in day out to see what works for them & where improvement is really needed, rather than pay millions to private firms to tell them what they ‘think’ is needed from behind a desk somewhere a 100 miles away..

  34. The “mainstream ” media won’t go against him “Hunt” or the Tories because that greedy Aussie Rupert Murdoc controlls it. And he’s a BIG Tory supporter and benefactor.

  35. What improvement Mr Hunt???????
    Yesterday and the day before our heating system was out of order, are these yet another form of the NHS cuts??!!!!!

  36. Government statistics are fairy stories but not the sort to read to kids at bedtime. Well researched and presented Ralf. It’s a pity Jeremy did not do the same.

  37. I don’t think referring to Ralf Little as a Dr Who star when he only appeared in one episode as a minor character is as immediately recognisable as if you has said; star of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps or The Royle Family.

  38. This is excellently researched and put together Ralph – well done – when are you standing for MP we need more like you!!

  39. Ralph your are a bloody legend. As an NHS worker I see the trouble each shift. The staff do their best but resources simply aren’t there. Mental health referrals are hard to get with patients often waiting months for appointments but it simply isnt good enough. When they are in crisis the 24hr emergency numbers are often left unmanned or switch to leaving voicemail that is never returned. They are told to go to a+e to see crisis teams which is often the last place they want to go or feel safe in. Jeremy Hunt stop hiding behind bullshit figures spoonfed to you by sycophants and tell the truth however bad it is. Go back on Andrew Marr show with Ralph and debate.

  40. Ian Hall-Dixon says:

    Hunt, like the rest of the Nasty party, have been spouting false info to provide a shield to their real agenda and performance since Cameron. Great expose, need more of the same.

  41. Good take down! I am one of those statistics that has seen a doctor but not getting any help as I can’t face phoning up. I have notified them by email but they still asked me to phone personally to make an appointment despite my aversion to phone (irrational I know). Stuck in catch 22

  42. Warwick Downes says:

    As others have said, it is beyond belief that Andrew Marr was not properly briefed to hold the lying Hunt to account, given the researchers at his disposal. But things are worse than that. He should have been called out in the House of Commons by those who should be holding him to account: HM Opposition. Now it may be that it is un-Parliamentary to call an Hon. Member a liar, but given the facts as presented by Mr. Little (why do they have no researchers available to do this work?), he could at the very least be proven to have been “economical with the Truth”.

  43. I agree with Warwick that Hunt should have been challenged by the Opposition Party, but this is unlikely to happen as it would set a precedent of MPs having to actually present the truth,which NO party wants any part of

  44. Well, I guess that feels a whole lot better to get that off your chest! Standing up and calling these Eton boys out. Do your job Hunt and stop lying. We see you.

  45. Louise Cullen says:

    Sorry Ralph regarding above message – just thought if you had these figures it would give you more ammunition.

  46. Jeremy Chunt is a man described by someone who met him as “the thickest man in a suit that I’ve ever had a conversation with. There is nothing going on behind the eyes. It’s like trying to get through to a mollusc in a coma”.

  47. Annette Quane says:

    Every weekend there are Never enough mental health beds to place our mental health pts therefore they block acute medical beds Awaiting treatment .. whats your answer to that

  48. John Clutterbuck says:

    There is not one comment that supports hunt ( polite word for his name ) why the truth always seems to disappear when the present tory government speak and is not challenged always amazes me but not surprised. The realization of the lies is growing and cannot come soon enough for me. The truth and transparency is the most important factor of any question and answer public programme.

  49. We have heard a lot about NHS privatisation. It would be opportune for some careful and unbiased journalist (Ralf Little or his ilk) to give us a run-down on all that has been done by Hunt and his cohorts in the last few years to push forward this outcome – an agenda mainly under the counter and hidden from view. Here is a challenge for the Guardian editorial team . . aided of course by Ralf.

  50. Excellent response, unfortunately I have no faith Hunt will take up your offer as he knows he’s been found out….

  51. Privatisation is the only explanation for the perpetuation of the failed and pointless commissioner/provider model in the NHS. Without this model it would be virtually impossible to sell off services under the counter, bit by bit, as is/will be happening. And without this model we could pump billions and billions more £ into front line services.

  52. Well done Ralf. Wish this could be printed in the newspapers. But we all know who controls them. Rupert Murdoch. He should be called out on what he’s doing to our country. The tories are all just his puppets.
    I applaud you for standing up for the ordinary man and woman. All credit to you. We’re all behind you.

  53. about time somebody has taken the time to challenge the lies of this party its time to take back control of our NHS I would call on the British people to question every statement made by the conservatives ,

  54. You should be in his position!!! Lying b politicians. Politicians and insurance companies should be shot to space ….. hoops forget to bring them back.

  55. Can’t understand why the Tories get voted in again and again. 95% of the British people need social services and yet vote for an anti socialist party! When will they wake up? Probably when the NHS is privatised and they can’t afford it! Hope I’m not here then!

  56. And as the REAL NHS staff hope for a better rise in wages, Mr Hunt wallows in his vault tossing his £50 notes high above his head giggling like a little girl on a Christmas morning after her wishes came true….

  57. As Mr. H(C)unt co wrote the book on “How to dismantle the NHS” … also given the state of moral THROUGHOUT the public medical profession. It would be fair to say the Tolies (Scottish slang for shit) have already started the process of privatising the NHS and most recently via Branson. Despise doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about them.

  58. A lot of people don’t realise Ralf gave up his studies to be a Dr at Manchester University Medical School when he got the part of Anthony in the Royal Family – he’s a bright lad who knows what he’d talking about. Unlike that Hunt who I’m sure won’t have the guts to take Ralf up on a live debate !

  59. Hunt… apart from the hatred you have for yourself, how Easy is IT to hide the fact that you are one of the most hated people outside your inbred family of fucktards? Small legs and long spines are the least of your worries you horrible piece of lavish cock puke.

  60. Mental health nurse for 40 years and love my job but despair at how services have been cut. Moved forward with the times, embraced new ways of working, supported CBT, IAPTs, CRTs and home treatment yet we are stuck now with nothing to offer service users as every NHS and support/ community service has tight criteria and is time limited. Come and spend a week working in an acute mental service and see what real life is like Mr Hunt! Finish your early shift which should have ended at 4.30pm, at 9pm because you have to get all the paperwork done otherwise the trust won’t get its funding. Finish your late shift at 11pm, instead of 9.30pm because we have responded to a family in crisis and then drive 20 miles home and get up and go to work the next morning. I love my job, could have retired 3 yrs ago, still have the energy, interest and desire to work for many more yrs. Saddened our health service has been ruined, public shout and abuse us not politicians. Well done Ralf. The truth hurts.

  61. Julie Fancourt says:

    Well said Ralf! Such mental health service cuts also have a knock on effect on social services who have to sort out issues for those people with mental health problems who don’t reach alarmingly high eligibility criteria for referrals. These problems ARE social issues but probably wouldn’t have happened had the root cause (mental illness) been addressed in the first place – this leaves overstretched social service departments (over 30% cuts in government funding since 2010 when the coalition government took power – a statistic taken from ADASS (the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) – take note Mr Hunt) running round in circles knowing they are only patching things up and that these social issues are highly likely to recur due to the underlying cause (mental illness) not being treated. Of course the government aren’t too concerned by this as they want to privatise social services too, so failure in their eyes is a good thing….

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