As if Theresa May’s enfeebled government didn’t have enough problems already, departments have now begun openly attacking each other.

It’s wasn’t difficult to imagine the severity of the behind-the-scenes war raging on Whitehall over what direction Brexit should take.

But the inter-Cabinet conflict burst into the open earlier today when Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade (DIT) shared an article from the Daily Mail criticising Philip Hammond’s Treasury.

The post was deleted from DIT’s twitter account shortly afterwards – but Scrapbook took a screenshot just in case:

The article previews an event being held tonight by the Economists for Free Trade group, who are pushing their widely discredited report claiming that Brexit will boost the economy by £135 billion. It states:

‘The findings are sharply at odds with most mainstream economists who have warned the UK faces lower growth and more pressure on the public finances as a result of the vote to leave.

‘But at the report’s launch on Tuesday, the pro-Brexit Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg will say official forecasts are based on “false assumptions” of the Treasury and that the outlook for the public finances is “much better” than the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) is predicting.’

Those ‘false assumptions’ are actually the forecasts adopted by the Government – so Fox’s department was in effect sharing an attack on…the Government.

That would be an unthinkable state of affairs for any other government, but seems completely fitting for this circus.

More worrying is that the Economists for Free Trade group’s recipe for economic success boils down to abolishing all tariffs on goods imported to the UK.

They hope that would see the country flooded with cheap food, clothing and other consumer goods which would keep the cost of living low.

But, as Scrapbook reported recently, the Resolution Foundation has said that would also result in making British business uncompetitive and could lead to around 1.4 million British jobs being lost.

Speaking about this danger in the summer, Fox said bluntly: “It is not our responsibility to protect jobs.”

Today’s deleted tweet is more proof that Fox is willing to sacrifice as many livelihoods as necessary to fulfil his Thatcherite fantasy…

  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    So is tm for her career and the entire hard brexiters. What would they care the rich will have protection and society at large will suffer.

  2. Twas ever thus, The poorer members of society have always served as gun-fodder for the rich and the middle classes have been intimidated into being the officers and overseers. I expect they will cry foul when the police force and armed forces are no longer strong enough to defend them due to too much tax evasion and too little government.

  3. I do believe that this group is mostly Patrick Minford who knows as much about international trade as I know about nuclear physics – which is nothing at all

  4. @Michael, it is indeed. This country owes Minford a lot. About ten years in Wormwood Scrubs that is. The man is right wing bigot, who’s crackpot Neo-liberal codswallop helped destroy Liverpool (where he waded in, fatally, to the last dockers strike, and where the opposite of his ‘predictions’ happened) and his nonsensical drivel struck a chord with nation wreckers like Thatcher, Tebbit and Joseph. People like him have taken the whole Worlds economy to the brink of disaster (2008), are still pushing us along the edge of another catastrophe, yet we are told he and his ilk are ‘geniuses’. They are, at screwing things up..

  5. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the “false assumptions” are all on the Brexit side. Today’s evidence to Parl’t of the Honda boss and the comments of the Aston Martin boss all add to the picture of UK becoming an economic wasteland if we Brexit!

  6. Yesterday Rees Mogg was shown on BBC news holding up a red folder saying Minford has shown that brexit would bring
    in an extra £135 billion. This discredited economist is all they have to cling on to.
    Are these leading brexiteers so desperate that they are willing to use such bilge to fool the British public into following them over the cliff. Shame on them.

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