Without doubt, the best responses to Donald Trump over the past 24 hours have come from Brendan Cox.

The husband of Jo Cox, the Labour MP killed by a far-right terrorist who shouted “Britain first” as he attacked her, has taken on Trump’s dangerous agenda while some of our political leaders sat on their hands.

He posted this response to news that Trump had retweeted Britain First’s propaganda videos to 44 million followers:

And when Trump attacked Theresa May in the early hours of this morning, Cox offered this powerful repost:

By contrast, the absolutely worst response to these events has, bizarrely, come from one half of 90s novelty act, Right Said Fred.

Richard Fairbrass, who’s probably still living off their one hit wonder, I’m Too Sexy, somehow took exception to Cox’s tweets rather than Trump’s.

During the night, he posted this:

When challenged by one of his few remaining fans this morning, the Brexit supporter added:

The tweets earned Fairbrass the most attention he’d received for decades, but for all the wrong reasons.

He came in for heavy criticism, including from the likes of Peep Show’s Robert Webb:

Rather than apologise, Fairbrass decided to just delete his entire Twitter account:

Hopefully Trump follows suit…

  1. How much further down the sewer can these vile right-wingers go ? I never liked this horrible man anyway, especially after seeing him talk nonsense about Europe during the Brexit debates. Ugh. Yuk. I hope he is shunned and suffers…

  2. Lefty fekkers all of you,get a backbone,wake up to what’s happening in our country, probably sitting in Ur comfy wee home , never had to defend our land like our forefathers and myself did, Wankers,

  3. Brace words there from Anonymous. A racist whose convictions are so strong he hides his identity while stirring up trouble. Coward!

  4. Far right BF ain’t far right and Jo Cox supported the white helmets who have murdered thousands.As for her husband wasn’t he sacked for groping women.

  5. Fairbrass got beaten up by Russian neo nazi thugs years back when protesting at a gay rights march in Russia. You would think the idiot would be more tolerant and less right-wing himself after an experience like that.

  6. Being a gay man I feel a little sickened that another gay man would be not only so vile to someone who lost his wife in horrific circumstances, but also effectively endorse Britain First, a hate-fuelled band of neanderthals who I am damn sure have little love for poofs like me and the charming Richard. I’m ashamed of him on behalf of the entire gay community.

  7. Fairbrass isn’t the only British music business right wing, Trump loving twat. I stumbled up Mike Stock’s twitter account today – it happens to be his birthday. In case you’ve all forgotten he’s responsible for Kylie ! (Stock Aitken and Waterman)


    You’d never think he came from a council estate – then again, you might.

  8. TheWorldEndsWithYou says:

    An old gay guy, who got beaten up by racist Russians for being gay, is supporting racists? Okkkkk… makes sense. Far-Right Said Fred seems very fitting.

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