Donald Trump has sunk to new depths by sharing racist propaganda posted on Twitter by the deputy leader of Britain First.

The actual US President helped unverified and inflammatory videos posted by Jayda Fransen reach an audience of over 43 million people.

Fransen was last year convicted of religiously aggravated harassment and was recently arrested and charged over a speech she gave to a far-right rally in Belfast.

It’s such an unbelievable development that many people thought he’d been hacked – or would at least have the sense to claim he was hacked.

Yet just minutes after posting completely unverified propaganda he was back to accusing major news organisations like CNN of “fake news” with no sense of irony.

Britain First are basking in the free publicity. Here’s how Fransen responses when she saw Trump had shared her tweets:

The husband of Jo Cox, the Labour MP killed by a far-right terrorist who shouted “Britain first” as he attacked her, made this powerful statement:

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is now under pressure to condemn Trump’s actions and cancel his invitation to the UK.

But it comes just three weeks after Johnson went on Trump’s approved news network to sing the praises of his “rambunctious” tweets:

In a separate interview in July, Johnson said Trump’s tweets helped “engaged” the public.

Johnson should engage his brain and break with his unquestioning support for Trump…

  1. apart from the endorsement of racism, it is the lack of judgement that is so appalling. He is in charge of foreign policy and defence.
    My sympathies for General Kelly, his chief of staff.

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