No group has been hit harder by the Tories’ Bedroom Tax than disabled people – they make up two thirds of people hit by the housing benefit cut.

And yet the MP appointed yesterday by Theresa May as the new minister for disabled people described opposition to the cruel policy as “deeply offensive”.

Sarah Newton, who replaced Penny Mordaunt at the DWP, made the ludicrous accusation during a debate on the Bedroom Tax in September 2014.

Her outburst was in response to a suggestion by then Labour MP Nick Raynsford that it is “common sense” not to cut the benefits of tenants with ‘spare rooms’ if there was no smaller accommodation for them to move into.

To the outrage of opposition MPs, Newton twice claimed his anti-Bedroom Tax speech was “offensive”:

Mounting a passionate defence of the policy, which is still blighting the lives of 420,000 disabled people, the out-of-touch Tory added:

“I really cannot accept that people with disabilities and people who absolutely need help are not able to get it.”

It’s probably too much to ask for an MP whose father owns 116 holiday cottages to understand the impact of the Bedroom Tax.

So no surprise that the Truro and Falmouth MP’s voting record resembles a list of punishments for the poor and vulnerable:

Now, that’s ‘deeply offensive’…

  1. Martyn Meacham says:

    It is the whole tory government that is deeply offensive…their cruel and inhuman policies are an affront to decency! The tories deserve to be kicked out of parliament and jailed for life

  2. I find the ongoing attack not only on our disabled,vulnerable,frail elderly and hard working families on disgustingly low wages under the laughable guise of “welfare reform” deeply offensive. The Tories continue to protect the interests of the tax dodging rich because they are part of the same ilk …this I fine more that deeply offensive it is criminal they should all be sacked and taken to court for crimes against coomunities

  3. They pick the absolutely worse people to put in these positions . Its as if they do it purposely to punish vunerable people

  4. Terence Fowkes says:

    These Tory ministers and MP’s really do believe that every sick or disabled person is swinging the lead ! Or really are robbing people of benefits to give themselves and the rich tax breaks either way shame on them ! Karma will catch up with them !!!

  5. Is there a way to show them what they are closing their eyes to, ( after we win this war, and chuck them out?) HATE being deliberately crasse here, but something like what was done after the fall of Hitler, to the local inhabitants living near death camps! Drove them to the camps, and made them clear the bodies!
    Like I say a hateful imagery, but I think that this is the only way to make these pieces of human detritis actually see what is being done in their name!

  6. Why please tell me why are these people even in government they should be in jail for countless murders of the vulnerable people of this country they are disgrace and how they are getting away with the austerity they are putting ppl threw while they sit in there luxuries is sickening

  7. There can be no doubt of their fascist right wing mentality! What will it take for ordinary working class folk, to realise what the Tories are? And for us to get rid of the Tories now, and never ever be fooled by their propaganda ever again!

  8. I would love to purity them all in one room for a month with 40£ between them to fend and feed for themselves Fucxxxxx leeces

  9. This witch is “deeply offensive” who the hell does she think she is? She needs to jump back on her broom and f**k off!

  10. It was offensive to introduce the bedroom tax in the first place!
    It is offensive to have benefits cut to the most vulnerable in our society.
    Why are we a rich country with its people, on benefits and or on low wages having to use food banks, the like of which wasn’t heard of about 5 years or so ago?
    Why are the top 5% getting richer when the poor are being trampled on.
    If we don’t vote this Tory Government out, we will reap what we sow.
    We might as well put our elderly, disabled, vulnerable, poor all in a room and throw away the key because according to this Tory Government they don’t matter!!

  11. Sadly though, there is plenty of support for her ugly views among the electorate. As the applause for the Tory plant in Question time showed, there are many, many people quite happy for the Tory’s to attack the disabled, and more than willing to dismiss the ugly, proven, reality for disabled people, as ‘lies’. We can see that the lurch to the right is not ‘just’ among disillusioned working class people, but among the middle classes too, where any ‘liberal’ pretensions have given to way to a cynical,”I’m all right jack, and if the disabled have to suffer so I can be alright, well, tough”, attitude. We live in very, very, bad times when so many people, demonstratively, are happy to right off the disabled, and accept Tory lies to salve their lack of conscience.

  12. They should never have adopted this policy without making sure there were enough social houses small enough to downsize into. Or perhaps they did know and thought it was a good idea to get more money and suffering from the very people that pay their wages.

  13. The most surprising thing about the Governments measures against the poor the weak and the vulnerable is that the mainstream media fail in their duty to these poor individuals and their treatment by the Government. The other surprising thing is the Public’s disinterest in all the thing’s which are carried out in their name the Benefit Cap has seen 110000 families lives ruined last year by being moved away from their support network because their Landlords had evicted from their homes through no fault of their own. Most of the benefits went to Landlords in rent, not to the Family for other spending it is very damaging and unfair and does not save any money it costs money because the cost’s fall upon other services like the national health service and social services and education it is purely Idealogical from an uncaring Government.

  14. tories will never understand as they have so much money they will never know how the other half has to live, how people can vote for them after seeing what they are doing to people, who need the help amazes me,if labour would get rid of that nut nut corbyn and get a leader who supported the 17.4 million who wants to leave and stood up for the people they would be in number 10 in a heartbeat food banks bedroom tax now the other universal credit is killing people but they put others before their own lack of police to sort trouble are we not all equal as they say pension age going up people paid for that and now have been robbed we were once the greatest country in the world now we have given it all away for what to who why don’t people open their eyes for once think about what will happen if they stay in power god help us all

  15. The Tories pick the ‘right people’ for these jobs because they want them to think and speak and act as they do, they are the Ingloriouse Barstewards of the Cause.

  16. “Why they don’t understand about were cynical and laughable of all Tory government was make harsh demonised and discriminatory forces against to were disabled ppl and deaf peoples ppl and mental illness clients who will be result to died cos reassessment to WCA healthcare NHS centres that’s DLA will stopped and transferred to new PIP regulations and new UC rolled out that’s Fuck Tory will must be OUT and Keep out of Tories cruel regimes of welfare reform Act 2012 and 2016 make worst negative effect problems will start from 2018”

  17. “They will be very consequences disastrous effects to new PIP regulations and new Universal Credits rolled-out more than 760 Jobcentre plus in across UK but least 87 Jobcentre plus will be closure down by new cuts and staff shortages from October 2017 to April 2018 that’s worst austerity of Tory years will be more continued to new hidden cuts and eviction notices and widespread to hidden homelessness and poverty cultures and widespread to suicides tolls and even starving to death and even fatal of heart attacks and heart failures and terminal illness cancers because of penury and penniless money and falling into debts at ATM and falling into rent arrears at housing authority and empty foods at fridges and cupboards that’s WASTED SEVEN YEARS OF TORIES REGIMES will not end to era of austerity years and WASTED DECADES OF 2010s and WASTED DECADES OF 2020s will be series of BROKEN BRITAIN”

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