Liam Fox has given the worst possible excuse for failing to comment on Donald Trump’s decision share Britain First propaganda with his 44 million Twitter followers.

Prime Minister Theresa May was a nervous wreck as she took questions on the issue during a visit to Jordan today, but she still managed to bring herself to call Trump’s tweets “wrong”.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also took time out of his work at the African Union – EU summit in the Ivory Coast to make this statement:

Given that Fox has close contact with the Trump administration in his capacity as International Trade Secretary, it was only natural that journalists would turn to him next to make a statement.

You may not be surprised to know that Fox wasn’t too keen to comment – wouldn’t want to put that chlorine chicken in jeopardy.

But you might be surprised to learn that this was the excuse his spokesperson gave the Evening Standard:

“I am so sorry but Dr Fox is overseas and unable to comment.”

Fox is currently in Sydney “building on our close cultural & economic links”. As the Standard points out:

“Fox must be quite a lot busier than the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson, both of whom also happen to be overseas but still managed to pass comment.”

We note also that Trump apologist Michael Gove hasn’t found the time to comment despite being in the country.

After interviewing Trump last year, Gove tried to play down negative perceptions of the US President. He said:

“Even though the personality that you get from Twitter and the press conferences is aggressive, in person he has honeyed words for almost everyone.”

When will he join Amber Rudd, Justine Greening, Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt in condemning Trump?

We know May’s cabinet is beset by rifts, but you would think opposing fascist propaganda is the kind of issue that even they could unite around…

  1. Trump is a narcissist. Anything he says is suspect. Its either false news or bombast. He just panders to the lowest common denominator. (Knuckle dragging zombies wearing ” keep America great again, hats”. Liam Fox is a coward, he just doesn’t want to get on the bad side of him. What is the point of having a politician like him with no principles. Some courageous person has to drag this Trump idiot off his self aggrandizing pedestal. Maybe we should tell him, before his British visit, that trump means fart in English.

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