Boris Johnson has declared himself “mystified” at plans to close a police station in his constituency. But Scrapbook thinks we can help him crack the case…

The Foreign Secretary last night posted this tweet complaining about the planned closure of Uxbridge police station:

It is one of a number of stations being closed across London in order to save money for frontline policing.

Why is it happening? Because police funding cuts made by the government, of which Boris is a senior member, has left the Met with a £1 billion blackhole in their budget.

As the consultation on the closures states:

“As a result of Government funding cuts, since 2010, the Met Police have had to find £600m of savings and must save a further £400m by 2020.”

So Boris needs to look no further than across the Cabinet table to find the real culprit for the closure of his local police station.

But he already knows this because, during his time as Mayor of London, he had to deal with police funding cuts made by Theresa May and pursued the same policy he is criticising Sadiq Khan over now.

In 2013, Johnson announced the closure of 63 police station front counters to save money for frontline cops.

He said: “Londoners have repeatedly told us that putting more officers on the streets is their top priority, not keeping them hidden behind desks in offices which the public rarely set foot in.”

At the time, Johnson promised there would be one police station open 24 hours a day in each Borough, which is what Khan is proposing.

So what’s the difference?

Another case of the Tories supporting cuts for the poor and spending for the rich…

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  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    Look no further amber Rudd telling the police dint ask for more money just cut crime rates. Any excuse to blame others rather than themselves and their tory dogma austerity

  2. Perhaps Boris should be seeking to join a different Party. I believe Labour wants to increase Police funding.
    Jumping ship while his party is sinking would seem to fit this man’s character.

  3. Boris Johnson in the Labour Party? I am a member of that party, so, no thanks. Johnson can piss off and start his own party

  4. Boris is already a crypto-Kipper who thinks anyone living outside England is mentally challenged. Let him ‘come out’ and join them publicly.

  5. Tories don’t care why our Government is responsible looking for us Jobs NHS,Police,Armies and services not Cutting jobs to save money and all Tory party is looking after gor a rich people it is wrongful.

  6. The Tory machine is broken. This can only be only be remedied by a General Election, but they cling on to power for some strange reason as they lead Britain towards the iceberg dead ahead. They have lost the plot.

  7. Kenny morrison says:

    Is he British I don’t know someone said he is and someone said he’s not well it’s not British f****** off they keep telling people to f*** off out the country if they are not British well of he wasn’t born in England f*** him off you want f****** off anyway I don’t think he’s educated when he opens his mouth he talks like he’s got a gob full of sweets the Tory knob head Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister

  8. He is always trying to blame Labour for tory austerity creating lack of services, he really is a prize cockwomble!

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