Theresa May might be able to cling on for a few more days, weeks or months – but the public have made up their minds about her.

A new poll published by YouGov today gives the Tories some reasons to be cheerful. The party still trail Labour in the headline voting intentions, but have actually gained a point despite a shambolic conference.

But the results make grim reading for May. They show…

Fewer people think she is competent:

In June, 53% of people said they thought she was competent. That is now down 11 points to 42%. The number of people who think she is incompetent is up from 32% to 41%. That includes 15% of Tory supporters and 26% of Leave voters.

A majority of voters think she is indecisive:

The number of people who think she is indecisive has risen from 50% to 52%. Among Tory voters, a huge 39% have that view.

People are losing their trust in her:

In June, a majority (52%) of voters said May was trustworthy, while just 31% said she was untrustworthy. There has been a huge reversal in this measure over the last 3 months and now 44% find her untrustworthy, compared 35% who trust her.

There is a big age gap on this measure, with people under 50 most likely not to trust her.

Most voters think she is weak:

After disproving her own “strong and stable” slogan during the general election, 52% of voters now view her as weak compared to just 28% who see her as strong. That compares to 46% and 33% respectively in June.

Despite the hard Brexit line she has adopted, more Leave voters see her as strong than week – by 40% to 39%.

Fewer people like her:

There has been a marked 8 point swing in the wrong direction for her in terms of likability since June. 46% of people dislike her now compared with 40% then and 30% like her compared with 32% then.

A huge 71% of 18-24 year olds dislike her. Only among the over 65s does she have a positive rating on this measure.

You’ve got no love to see her through…

  1. I am a socialist but I don’t actually dislike her. But I do dislike almost all her policies and the ones that are OK are too little and/or too late of copied from the Labour party.

  2. She used to be indecisive. Now, she’s just not sure. And I do trust her: about as far as I can throw her.

  3. Im over 65. I dont know who all these old gits are who a) like her and b) want to leave the EU. only 2 of my 85 friends and about 7 members of my family want to leave.
    She is the worst thing in British politics since the Stuart Charles’.

  4. a.k. coverdale says:

    May does not exist as a person but as a puppet; like Thatcher she will be removed by the pupeteers when she no longer performs her function to ensure the rich remain rich.

  5. May does not exist as a person but as a puppet; like Thatcher she will be removed by the pupeteers when she no longer performs her function to ensure the rich remain rich.

  6. Typical left wing media, polls have always proved to be untrustworthy, she will muddle through and pull off Brexit, 2 points behind in the poll is nothing – 15 points behind I would tell any Tory to start panicking.

  7. Start panicking Chris, she was 18 points ahead at GE and look what happened. With a swing like that Labour will form a majority government.

  8. I’m 75 n voted REmain n vote’s nonsense saying most older pple vote Tory since they obviously do not..a lot of pple vote Tory thru snobbery…young middle and old…..regretfully!!

  9. I’m well into retirement and. I have never voted the self-serving callousTory.They do not put the country first.Their priority is always their ideology.

  10. Karl Petermann says:

    I think the words everybody is missing here is Ignorant and selfish .. And that basically summons up anybody who’s ever voted conservative .. We are ignorant little islanders who think we still rule the waves ….. We are the laughing stock of the planet ( after the USA). But it’s close

  11. Paulette Robinson says:

    Handed the job and arrogant enough to believe it was through merit. Lost the majority in a completely unnecessary election. Britain’s credit rating slashed. The one thing she’s good at is monumental ineptness.

  12. The Tory party only care about themselves & the elite. Their policies are cruel and people are suffering especially the vulnerable. It’s difficult for them to understand the hardship people are facing cos they’re not at the receiving end of their policies. As for May she’s weak & unable to even control her own party so how can she lead the nation. However replacing her another selfish greedy Tory MP is not the solution either.

  13. The Tories are corrupt. Make no mistake. There only agenda is to make the majority of the British people poor and shackled in financial chains.

  14. The Tories are corrupt. Make no mistake. Their only agenda is to make the majority of the British people poor and shackled in financial chains.

  15. Andrew Adams says:

    The CONservatives have only stayed in power because of the corrupt Establishments backing and their biased media onslaught but finally the tories actions are now speaking louder than their hollow rehtoric and they will be over thrown soon because you can only kick a dog so much before it bites back .Our Country is in a mess and the tories are bleeding it dry for their own corrupt gain and enough is enough.JC4PM.

  16. The Tories disgust me. They are going to continue using a corrupt USA company, Maximus, fined millions for fraud, to assess our sick and disabled people for another 2 years. I have just read about a mother who accompanied her daughter to assessment, who had a recording done of it.The mum told the assessor she had driven her daughter there but assessor wrote that the disabled daughter had driven them there. The daughter was given 0 points and has to wait 4 months to go to tribunal, to prove how unwell she is to get full social security back, living on £73 a week basic assessment rate until then, for food and bills. Someone else commented the same had happened to her. The hell this govt. puts sick people under, through the DWP rulings, is often unknown to non users of the system. Its all despicable. The Tories are either stupid or ignorant and they are definitely liars.

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