If you think you might enjoy seeing a Brexit cheerleading, climate change denying, former Tory chancellor being destroyed in a TV debate then read on…

Because that’s exactly what happened whe Lord Nigel Lawson was asked about the prospect of crashing out of the EU without a trade deal on the BBC’s Daily Politics Show today.

Lawson began trotting out the standard Brexiteer platitude: “We already do far more trade with the rest of the World than we do with the rest of the EU.”

Unfortunately for the crackpot peer, sitting opposite him was Miriam González Durántez – an international trade lawyer who is an expert on the World Trade Organisation.

She calmly but comprehensively explained why his claim was fundamentally untrue and why the ‘no deal’ Brexit he and other Tories back would be an absolute disaster:

The experts strike back…

  1. I have read Lawson’s book, and some of the speeches he made as Chancellor of the Exchequer. He was the idiot who said that “if workers would work for lower wages, there would be more jobs.” The man is a complete fuckbrain.

  2. I remember the “Lawson boom” which was followed by the “Lawson bust”. Same thing happened in the 1970s withJim Barber, Heath’s chancellor.

  3. Ike Ian Stevenson I remember the Lawson & Barber/ Heath boom & bust but idiots like Lawson never learn from experience as they have very small brain cells

  4. Miriam Clegg nee’ Gonzalez is hardly going to partake in an honest interview being a ‘rabid’ remoaner who has the misguided view that ALL things relating the EU are fantastic.

  5. So her name is Mrs Clegg. This does not alter the facts, and the facts are clear. We were and continue to be lied to by the rabid Brexit Tories. WTO rules? tariffs? Who has mentioned regulations? No one.We will all have to suffer because the Tory party are desperately trying not to split over Europe, same as for the last 40 years

  6. @Tony Pike 7:48 pm
    The term ‘née’ means ‘formerly known as’.
    Miriam González Durántez did not change her last name on marriage.
    ‘rabid remoaner’ – Doesn’t take much to rattle the cage of some people.

  7. OMG. Look at the Heiland Jig on that heed. You’d think with all his money he could afford a decent piece. What a Numpty. AYE

  8. nèe does not mean “formerly known as”. If you are going to make public comments at least get your facts right, something like she does.

  9. 1. Why should it matter that she is Mrs Clegg? Why should women be defined by who they are married to? Male spokespersons are not.
    2. Those of us who are pro-Remain are so because we know that facts; We don’t decide to be remain and then look around for some facts to support the argument
    3. I would hope the Leave supporters work the same way, but I’m yet to here an argument for Leave that isn’t easily debunked, so that all they are left with ‘well because the people voted for it.’ Well the people were lied to.

  10. Chris Read: excellent points. Brexit referendum was a clear case of “Head” (trade, mutial defense, open borders, employment rights, etc) vs. “Gut” (SCARY IMMIGRANTS!) and “gut” won as it sp oten does 🙁

  11. If we trade with the rest of the world, and we clearly do, then we do it as part of the EU and the negotiations are done by them. Once we leave we will be a relatively insignificant single country who will need to re-negotiate without the clout of the EU behind us. Lawson ignores this fact completely.

  12. Lawson presided over some of the worst economic conditions in history, of boom and bust, including joining the ECU, in the 1980’s. He was a hopeless, useless chancellor!

  13. Er, how does stating another word, ‘regulations’, destroy the argument that the UK will be fine under WTO trading agreements/rules/regulations with EU (or better, European countries)? Please explain, cos this video snippet doesn’t even try to.

  14. Because Nibbly ‘regulation’ means that all the goods we want to sell to other countries have to pass each countries regulations re safety, materials, components etc… as a member of the single market etc we all abide by the same regulations so selling is a simple process.

  15. No deal is better than a bad deal we are being TOLD. Brexit policticans need to stop TELLING us and allow the PEOPLE to decide that themselves (yes a on referednum deal, no deal or stay) based on proper balanced, independent facts and figures and not political lies half truths and vested interests. Then we can all move forward with our eyes wide open.

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