There was a lot of Brexit bumbling on our screens and airwaves from top Tories yesterday – but we did manage to get one straight answer.

First, Theresa May tied herself in knots when asked whether she would vote Leave or Remain if there was a referendum now:

Then deputy PM Damian Green was tripping over himself when the same question was put to him on Newsnight.

But, to give him some credit, amid all the umming and ahhing there was an answer.

He told Emily Maitlis that he doesn’t resile from his support for the Remain campaign during the referendum.

And when asked whether “the country is better if it remains”, he confirmed: “It would have been.”

There we have it. The truth Theresa didn’t dare to speak – Britain would still be be stronger in…

  1. There were many who voted to leave for strongly held beliefs and after doing research. Fair enough. But it was the few million knuckle dragging racists which tipped the balance. Even now they don’t realise they were signing their own redundancy notices when they put their cross in the LEAVE box!

  2. “Resile” – not a word you come across very often – if at all. Had to look it up, despite a college education.

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