In public, Tory MPs are competing to offer the most disingenuous and delusional take on Theresa May’s disastrous conference speech – but an active campaign has begun behind the scenes to oust the feeble PM.

Today’s papers are full of briefings against and uncomplimentary comparisons about Theresa May by Tory MPs. Here’s the damage:

The Telegraph

It reports a “‘distraught’ Theresa May could be gone by Christmas as up to 30 MPs plot to oust her after disastrous party conference speech.”

One serving minister told the paper that Theresa May is “limping like a broken horse into oblivion.”

Another former minister said: “It’s time to put ourselves out of the agony. The speech was excruciating to watch and as a result, conversations are happening at a faster pace.”

The Times

The Times reports that Theresa May is on her “final warning” from her party after being told by Tory MPs that she is “one crisis from the exit.”

One of May’s own cabinet also talked to the paper about an the make up of an immediate leadership contest:

The Sun

Theresa May was reportedly so embarrassed at her own speech that loyal cabinet ministers were concerned she was about to quit, while “Tory MPs launched a fresh bout of plotting to oust her.”

Here’s the reaction one minister gave to the paper: “What the f–king f–k f–k f–k. F–k.”

Another exasperated MP said: “A leadership election must come and it must come soon.”

The Guardian

“Some in the party question how long the prime minister could carry on,” the paper reports.

One Tory MP told them: “Is it going to improve over the next 18 months? It’s hard to see how it can.”

The Daily Mail

The front page of the paper who’s editor was treated to a private dinner at Downing Street by May didn’t go too hard on May.

But there was plenty of backstabbing to be found inside. It reports her “performance alarmed some backbenchers and set off a fresh wave of speculation about her future.”

One former minister told the paper the speech was “an absolute disaster”, while an MP said: “She’s in danger of becoming a figure of pity. That is fatal for a Prime Minister.”

The Financial Times

While top Tories tell the public they have full confidence in Theresa May, the paper reports that “privately cabinet members admitted that the speech was a public relations fiasco” that has “renewed speculation about how long Mrs May can remain as prime minister.”

On Tory MP said: “It’s the penultimate act in this Greek tragedy.”

A former cabinet minister added: “She is in deep trouble, I think.”

Talk of May’s resignation is not limited to anonymous briefings to newspapers either.

Tory MP and former cabinet minister Ed Vaizey told BBC Radio Oxford this morning that “I think there will be quite a few people who will now be pretty firmly of the view that she should resign.”

Looks like her real P45 is in the post…

  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    Yet they all pampering her. Tories have to let her go this gov is unfit for purpose Boris terrifying but may is finished if she stays it shows how weak and pathetic the party and irs committee are.

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