The team sent by the Government to negotiate a trade deal with the US was so lacking in experience that it included an official who until recently worked on contracts for a local council. 

Liam Fox took a 27 person delegation to Washington in July to begin hammering out the details of a post-Brexit trade deal.

His entourage included an official from the Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXEU) who’s experience in the field amounted to working as a procurement official for Enfield Council until March 2016.

It is among embarrassing details about the delegation revealed by Greenpeace through freedom of information requests to the US Government.

They also found that not a single member of Fox’s team had any direct experience of negotiating a trade deal.

The most experience diplomat on the delegation has since quit DEXEU and the lead trade negotiator last job was as head of external affairs for the British Film Institute. 

They faced a US negotiating team of 77 with decades of experience in the field, and who were being led by a trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, who has signed “over two dozen bilateral international agreements” over the last 30 years.

Even if Fox was inclined to fight to keep food standards, workers’ rights or environmental protections, Trump’s team would run rings around them.

Looks like we’re getting chlorine-washed chicken courtesy of a well-battered Fox…

PS – Perhaps this story might explain why Fox mysteriously pulled out of a scheduled appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning? 

  1. Taking the piss out of public officials when the real arseholes are in government, seems rather to be missing the point.

  2. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    Not missing the point at all when the ‘public officials’ in question are the selection of the government arseholes who are pretending they’re up to the impossible task.

  3. @David Levene
    You miss the point entirely. These “junior civil servants” would not be in this unenviable position if it were not for the stupidity of the politicians. IT is that that is being derided, not the civil servants who are being placed in an impossible position by this stupidity!

  4. Just demonstrates the complete and utter shambles the Government is making of Brexit. Unfortunately we will all suffer as a result especially a large proportion of the those who voted to leave. When they do lose their jobs at least they will have Universal Credit to cushion the fall. Yes, I was being ironic.

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