Boris Johnson raked in almost double his reported income through outside earnings.

The Sunday Times reported that the Foreign Secretary pleaded poverty to friends, saying he struggled to live on his £141,405 ministerial salary because of his  “extensive family responsibilities”.

But the register of MP’s interests shows he has made a further £96,676 since being appointed to the Cabinet last July.

Between July 2016 and July 2017, he received £88,678 in royalties from his books and receives at least £10,000 a year in rental income.

It is likely to be substantially higher than that, but the register only requires MPs to specify if it is over £10,000.

So in total, that’s at least an annual income of £238,081 – eight times the average wage of full time workers.

But he’s still throwing the toys out of his pram because being a minister means he can no longer pursue other money spinning activities like his Telegraph column, from which he earned almost 1 million.

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