Theresa May has undermined her pledge to keep workers’ rights guaranteed by EU law after Brexit by promoting an outspoken opponent of the protections.

The PM appointed Martin Callanan as Brexit minister on Friday to replace Joyce Anelay, who quit the chaotic Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) after just 4 months in the job.

Callanan is a former leader of the Tory group in the European Parliament who used his position to call for the abolition of workers’ rights:

In a speech to the European Parliament in 2012, he said:

“Surely one of the best ways for the EU to speed up growth is to scrap the Employment and Social Affairs directorate in the commission, and repatriate its responsibilities to national governments.

“Then we could scrap the Working Time Directive, the Agency Workers’ Directive, the Pregnant Workers’ Directive and the other barriers to actually employing people.”

You can watch the speech below:

Callanan has also written for the Conservative Home website on the need to scrap health and safety laws, which he described as “a brake on our economy”.

The laws singled out for abolition by the Brexiteer guarantee the right to paid holiday, equal pay for women, maternity rights and fair treatment for part-time and agency workers:

  • When the Working Time Directive was introduced by Labour in 1998 two million people gained the right to a paid holiday for the first time.
  • The Agency Workers’ Directive has led to increased pay and holiday entitlement for people without permanent contracts.
  • And the Pregnant Workers’ Directive introduced health and safely protections for expectant and new mothers and paid time off for ante-natal classes.

The Trades Union Congress have said:

“Mr Callanan’s suggestions would put workers at risk, not just of exploitation but of serious harm, and in places like hospitals they risk putting patients lives at risk.”

Theresa May, who herself fiercely opposed the introduction of the EU’s ‘social chapter’, wants us to believe workers’ rights will be safe after Brexit.

Putting the likes of Callanan in charge of proves she can’t be trusted…

  1. Well don’t like to say it …. but we told you this is May’s ultimate dream….
    and what her Brexit is all about..

  2. Fatima Ryebread says:

    This is what brexit has always been about. These people think the EU is some kind of socialist workers’ paradise.

    Once brexit is done and dusted ‘the will of the people’ will be no more. The financial fallout will be used as cover to reduce us to serfs.

    You only need to consider the views of the people pushing for brexit to see what was behind it from the Tory party’s perspective.

    They don’t care that Corbyn will be given the keys to 10 Downing Street, shortly after brexit. They know that there will be no money for him to any of the things he wants. He will either overborrow or fail to deliver and they will be back in power in a couple of years. Then the damage Thatcher did will be as nothing to what happens to ordinary working people.

  3. Brian Barcrify says:

    So Vallanan directly contradicts May who directly contradicts Johnson who directly contradicts Hammond who directly contradicts Fox who directly contradivts Rudd who directly contradicts Gove…..what a pig’s ear of a government.

  4. Ruaridh Fraser-Douglas says:

    I start by saying ‘Told you so’…but that would be pointless. I will say this though,..I’m not surprised by any of the vindictive policies of the current Government.
    They have a long track record of punishing the poor and vulnerable for not having the good fortune to have been born into a privileged life.
    I also wouldn’t be too surprised if they (The Tories) re-introduced ‘Workhouses’.

  5. I never thought a Government would do something that would harm our country, but clearly I was wrong. These politicians will cause chaos then just walk away. What a joke. Stop Brexit, but they are so pig headed they won’t.

  6. K P WINSTANLEY says:

    I keep saying this. This the worst Prime Minister we have experienced in this country and if we don’t get rid of her soon we will never get rid of her. The Nazi party looks good compared to her and her party. Granted she is not killing people the way they did, but she is killing everyone who is working class to a fate worse than death. She is a Dictator and she must be stopped. NOW!!!

  7. Jennifer Parkes says:

    …and we here in Oz say our pollies are shite ! On retirement or ousted they still receive mega dosh and privileges for their life time – compared to those less fortunate – genuinely on welfare, cant secure a job, have a disibility etc, it is shameful.

  8. Road to disaster. Least my conscience is clear as I voted to remain not that this help the situation. Such a shame all this mess being caused by politicians ruining people’s dreams ( not mine)

  9. It’s not often that I am rendered speechless but the appointment of Martin Callanan as a Brexit Minister has left me so angry. With his track record, Callanan is no better than Hitler appointing the SS to enforce his ‘final solution’ plan. The Conservatives seem to have their own plans to bring the ‘working class’ to their knees, all in the name of austerity. Theresa May has just taken the next step by appointing someone who believes that workers should have no rights. I can’t decide whether she is a puppet in the hands of her cabinet or someone who cares nothing for her fellow man/womans’ plight at the hands of her punitive government. Whichever, it is time her reign as Tory PM is brought to an end along with the rest of her government.

  10. stop complaining, this is the will of the people, they voted to be shafted, shes getting away with it cause Corbyn is agreeing with her, so muvh for opposition.

  11. Wants to bring back child labour a la Dickens, possibly with Slavery as well……….where will it end ?????

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