Some silly things get said in the whirlwind of political comment that is Thursday night TV – but Julia Hartley-Brewer has set a new low.

The bigmouth broadcaster argued that calls to sack Chancellor Philip Hammond don’t go far enough – and demanded he be “tried for treason.”

She made the call amid a hard-right campaign against Hammond – led by the Daily Mail – in retribution for his failure to play along with the fantasy that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would be wonderful.

One criminal lawyer, who tweets as the Secret Barrister, took it upon themselves to put her suggestion to the test. Here’s what they found:

Case closed! 

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  1. Why are these rabid Brexiteers given air time? History will rank them as the most small-minded, economically and politically naïve and xenophobic nationalists ever to disgrace this country. It is they who should be tried for sabotaging the British economy and sending thousands more into poverty.

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