The footage of riot police attacking voters in Catalonia has shocked everybody – except our Foreign Secretary.

The violent repression of yesterday’s independence referendum on the orders of Spain’s right-wing government left 893 people requiring medical treatment, according to Catalonia’s health body.

Watch what happened for yourself and read Boris Johnson’s deplorable response…

Police throwing women down stairs and dragging another by her hair:

Police use force to remove two elderly voters from a polling station:

Police pepper spraying people peacefully attempting to guard a ballot box:

Police lashing out indiscriminately at people sitting down:

Police even attacked Catalan firefighters who tried to shield voters:

A man was filmed having a panic attack after being manhandled by the police:

Police firing rubber bullets indiscriminately into a crowd of people fleeing:

Policing dragging and throwing people away from a polling station:

Police clubbing people who have their hands raised:

A close up of Spanish police charging into a crowd of people:

Police deliberately breaking the fingers of a polling station worker:

Police repeatedly beating the same man:

Jeremy Corbyn was joined by Tory MPs like Johnny Mercer in condemning the actions of the Spanish police:

Celebrities like JK Rowling and Gary Lineker also spoke out:

But here’s what Boris Johnson had to say:

Martin Luther King said that the “hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

Boris Johnson couldn’t even bring himself to remain neutral.

He put the interests of a fellow right-wing government and desperation for post-Brexit trade deals above human rights and democracy.

Once again proving he’s not a international statesman but a global embarrassment…

  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    Theresa may uk prime minister could not even comment too busy being prime minister it’s an embarrassment to have tories in government we as society should hold s no confidence vote for this inhuman tory government

  2. Annette Morris says:

    It would have been better for him if BJ had made no comment at all. We can now all see whose side he is on, if it wasn’t clear already.

  3. I voted to remain in the E U, but if the E U does not speak up now about this disgusting behaviour of a member state’s government against its own people, a people who are citizens of the E U, then we are better outside.
    As for our own Boris Johnson, well he is just a joke and a stain on our nation.

  4. @Mike Smith 11:50 am
    Did you think that the EU has its own army to deal with member states?
    Were you expecting EU troops to enter Britain when footage of police tactics during the miners’ strike was broadcast?
    Please read Articles 2 and 7 of the Lisbon Treaty and note that the EU could send in a force to deal with the Spanish Guardia even if it had one. The EU not having a rapid response unit doesn’t seem to have stopped the usual suspects in the extremist camp of Brexit pretending that there is one does it?
    Note also that it is better to have a decent Code of Human Rights than have no code or a code that only protects businesses and the richest in society. With May and her Merry Brexiteers, I suspect that the new British Bill of Rights will have clauses to suppress any group taking actions similar to doing what the Catalonians did.

  5. Although the police did not shoot to kill, the brutality employed in an unsuccessful attempt to prohibit the Catalan people from pacifically exercising their right to vote in a referendum on the first of October just goes to show that the ideology of the current ruling party is not very different from that of its founder when in 1976 he authorised the assassination of workers merely for exercising their basic right of reunion in Vitòria.
    Boris Johnson is immoral to support the inhumane and criminal action of the Spanish government in Catalonia. It would be also wiser of him politically to support Catalonia rather than Spain. Spain’s economic power has always depended on her exploitation of other countries’ wealth and resources. Spain has become increasingly dependant on the taxation of Catalonia for its economic stability. Now, with the Independence of Catalonia Spain will be an economically impotent ally for Britain

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