The sheer chaos that would ensue if Britain dropped out of the EU without a trade deal has been laid bare by an unlikely source.

Theresa May is still insisting that “no deal would be better than a bad deal” and Liam Fox is doing his best to talk up life under World Trade Organisation rules.

But the Tories’ rhetoric has been forensically dismantled by someone who actively campaigned for Brexit.

Former Vote Leave media analyst Oliver Norgrove has explained how the Tories’ tough guy negotiation tactics would cause “pandemonium” at our borders and be an “act of self harm on an unimaginable scale.”

Scrapbook thinks maybe Oliver should have though about this before campaigning for Vote Leave.

But given HMS Brexit is already full steam ahead towards for an iceberg, we would appreciate it if Captain May didn’t burn the lifeboats…

  1. Michael Patetrson says:

    So this addresses the question about whether we can be financially better off outside the EU and the answer seems to be ‘No’ and ‘No for a long, long time!’ What is NEVER brought to the table is the enormous benefits that the ‘peace dividend’ of being an EU member has brought to the UK over the last 50 years or so! Why is this item NEVER discussed fully. It was the real purpose behind Churchill’s proposal for Economic and Political union between European nations in the first place. When is the UK government going to consider what is necessary for the UK’s peace and prosperity, rather than what a dubious guided slight majority of voters ‘wanted’ in a badly conducted referendum!

  2. Under a Dictatorial UK , we will all suffer , wether leave or remain , we will all be much worse off. In the UK you will have no choice ! No voice ! and in the EU, EU UK people running small businesses across borders will be unable to trade and the 20% of Pensioners will be getting poorer week by week as they are now. Many UK citizens working in the EU pay taxes in the UK , adding to the fund .

    Why would we do this. If it’s not broken why try to fix it.

  3. This indeed is a potential suicide note of immense and far-reaching implications: in fact it isn’t just a suicide note; it is a warning of an inexcusable, unwarranted and gratuitously destructive act of massive economic self-harm. To me it immediately raises the question of legal challenge: we have not been warned about this by Government enactors of such a situation. I am sure those foolish enough to support the Referendum Leave campaign are completely ignorant of it. It therefore renders such action illegal by non-disclosure of vital evidence. Big, big money from business everywhere is needed to oppose and end this utter folly.

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