Jacob Rees-Mogg has laid bare the extreme views that lie beneath his whimsical appearance for all to see.

The darling of the Tory grassroots told ITV’s Good Morning Britain of his opposition to equal marriage and abortion – even in cases of rape or incest.

It comes just a day after the old-Etonian millionaire was found to be the favourite to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader among party members.

Rees-Mogg has been tipped for a ministerial job and is just 8/1 to become the next Prime Minister.

Thankfully the following minute of TV should be enough to kill of any hopes he and his supporters have of high office:

Looks like the Moggmentum’s run out…

  1. It’s 2017 with what this arsehole is saying we the people have to do everything we can to stop him being pm and need to get rid of him as a mp the man is a arse hole

  2. What his personal beliefs are is his own business and has no bearing on his ability to hold office. As he said the law allows women the rights to have control and that’s is not going to change. But once again the media twisting the knife for headlines.

  3. He is entitled to his opinion. He is against abortion, so are all practising catholics but he clearly states that the law will continue to allow it and that law won’t change. Do we know what Corbyn thinks about it? We know what he thinks about the nuclear deterrent and that is of far more importance in the current climate surely?

  4. I want a pm whose beliefs are based in this century, not the 17nth. His personal beliefs are not his own business if he becomes pm because they will inform his attitude to future legislation, foreign policy, social policy etc. We have been warned.

  5. Please, people, learn that ad hominem abuse is the worst weapon with which to counter obnoxious views. It plays into their hands. Fact-based logic, and grown-up commonsense, please!

  6. A More relevant question should have been ……
    How much money have you and your family claimed in benefits over your time in politics?

  7. Probably a charming man, but how can someone so privileged and protected know anything of the lives of people born into poverty who have access only to poor schooling and housing? His views were probably formed in the nursery and “give me the boy to the age of , and I’ll give you the man” come to mind. Until the establishment can be infiltrated, we have little chance of a farer society.

  8. What an outstandingly honest and forthright politician, He has obvious integrity and morality. Very impressive – certainly a cut above most of the other politicians,

  9. Some people consider that having an opinion, as a politician, no matter how outlandish or retrograde it is, is an assumed prerogative. Such a blasé assessment – especially in the case of this particular politician, who has the highest establishment aims as well – is not only pernicious, at best it is an endorsement for the proliferation of deconstruction of progress.

  10. did this guy make an expenses claim to have us to pay for him to have his moat tidied up? He shares no heritage with the typical UK person, he is not one of us, he is one of the most privileged people few

  11. Vote for moggy as tory leader I say. Obviously the tory answer to Corbyn and the start of a comeback for the upstanding right. However even in a time of strange popular voting results this trend cannot go that far surely. I simply cannot see the country as a whole putting this pompous prig into Downing Street. He should stick to panel shows where his voice and views can be laughed at by most people. I realise that there was great underestimation about Trump and Corbyn at one stage but moggy must be a joke too far even for most right of centre ground tories. To elect him tory leader would be the greatest gift to Corbyn and the much needed Labour resurgence.

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