UKIP are very excited about their trip to the Riviera International Conference Centre in Torquay for their party conference this weekend.

The party’s website tells delegates:

“This really is a fantastic venue, with the purpose-built Conference Hall, Expo Hall and fringe meetings rooms all close together, excellent hotels close by and the attractions of Torquay – including some superb seafood restaurants – outside the door.”

High praise indeed and very honest of the Kippers to highlight a success story of Britain’s membership of the EU.

As the conference centre’s website explains:

“The English Riviera Centre (ERC) came into existence after Torbay Council, working with the Tourism Industry in the late 70s early 80s, saw an opportunity to extend the 10-week holiday season by promoting conferences and events…

“Module 2 designed the building and project-managed its construction from 1984-87, on the former site of the Rosetor and Roselea hotels which had fallen into disuse in the 70s. The project cost approximately £15m and was partly funded by a European grant of £3m.”

Delegates arriving in Torquay by train will find a station improved with the help of EU funding

And when Nigel and co aren’t listening to their Nazi-apologist pals from the AfD, they can enjoy plenty more benefits of our EU membership on the doorstep of the conference centre…

A £6.5 million redevelopment of Torquay’s waterfront was completed with the help of a £2.4m grant from the EU’s Regional Development Fund.

If UKIP conference doesn’t resemble one enough already, delegates can visit the town’s zoo, which was built with £1.7m from the EU fund.  

The town also received another £3.4 million from the same pot to build a business park – taking the area’s total investment from the EU between 2007 and 2013 to £7.4 million. 

As the Kippers would say: The EU sends Torquay £23,717 a week, but lets blow it on Brexit instead..

  1. Rank hypocrasy but they are rather good at sucking on the teat they say they despise. One wonders how much much money this useless puppet has taken from th EU under the guise of bwing an MEP. Far too much is my guess.

  2. EU funding is just returning some of our own money after charging an admin fee of circa £8.5bn p.a. They even have the temerity to demand that it is marketed/ promoted as having been funded by the EU. No wonder remainers think the EU is a wonderful, generous organisation.

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