The head of a hard Brexit lobbying group launched this week with the blessing of Boris Johnson thinks the NHS was a “mistake”.

Tory MEP Dan Hannan, who is the president of the Institute for Free Trade, made the comment in an interview with Fox News in 2009.

Asked in an interview why the US shouldn’t adopt the UK’s model for healthcare, Hannan replied:

“Because you’re our friends and if you see a friend about to make a terrible mistake you try and warn him. We have lived through this mistake. We have lived through this mistake for 60 years now.

“It began with the best of intentions. It began because people thought it was wrong for those who were not well off to be treated differently. But the reality is it hasn’t worked. It’s made people iller.”

You can watch the interview for yourself here:

He also opposed the minimum wage, thinks we should “stop moaning” about the prospect of chlorine-washed chicken being imported from the US and believes sending aid to developing countries is “actively harmful”.

But he’s not the only reason why you should be concerned about the new think tank trying to take control of Britain’s future.

Scrapbook’s research shows anyone who values the NHS, the environment of workers’ rights should be worried about the group’s advisors. Here’s why…

Ben Sasse: Thinks healthcare is worse than racism

The US Republican Senator on a crusade again ‘Obamacare’ is one of the IFT’s five man international advisory panel.

Sasse doesn’t just oppose publicly-funded health, but even private insurance being extended to more people in the US.

He described Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act – which gave 20 million people the right to health care – the “worst law in our history.”

He said that “if it lives, America as we know it will die” and complained: “The greatest country on earth is slipping away and becoming a socialist mess like Europe.”

He tried to deny he claimed affordable healthcare was worse than laws implementing racial segregation, but you can see the proof below from 3 minutes in:

Tony Abbott: Thatcher-adoring environmental disaster

The former conservative PM of Australia is such a fan of Margaret Thatcher, who he says “revived the great in Great Britain“, that he was invited to delivered a memorial speech to her in 2015. You can watch it below.

He has said the “moral panic” about climate change is “over the top” and his record suggests he won’t be speaking up for any environmental protections to be written into Britain’s trade deals.

In his first year in power in Australia, Abbott had abolished the carbon emissions tax, closed the country’s climate change commission and approved industrial development near the Great Barrier Reef.

More recently, he’s been leading the campaign to legalise same sex marriage, which he thinks is just “political correctness.”

Michael Howard: Threatened workers’ rights – and a war with Spain

The former Tory leader wanted to take Britain out of EU’s social chapter if he had won the 2005 election – depriving British workers of rights like paid holiday, equal pay for women and maternity rights.

EU citizens are unlikely to maintain their rights if Howard has anything to do with it. He ran a dogwhistle campaign in 2005, in which the party “worked assiduously to ramp up anti immigrant feeling,” according to a Tory advisor at the time. 

More recently, he sparked a diplomatic crisis with Spain over Brexit by implying we were ready to go to war over Gibraltar:

José María Aznar: Murdoch ally with a bad global rep

The former conservative PM of Spain now sits on the board of directions of Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp.

He wrote a book denying that human activity is causing climate change and described environmental campaigners as “flag-bearers of the global warming Apocalypse…who seek to restrict individual liberties in the name of a noble cause…as the Communists did.”

He called the election of Barack Obama as US President a “a historic exoticism and predictable economic disaster.”

He has even spoken out against campaigns to prevent drink driving.

Unsurprisingly, Foreign Policy magazine listed him as one of the world’s five worst former global leaders.

Boris Johnson described this anti-NHS, anti-environment and anti-worker group “crucial” at its launch in the Foreign Office on Wednesday.

Time to take back control from this lot…

  1. Dulari-Leiylah Markelke says:

    This is Theresa Mays agenda couched in grave deception of Florence labour adopted tweaked speech. To run this extreme right wing propaganda by Boris and co is no coincidence. It will give TM the platform to say we tried with eu we did not succeed because of eu so brexit means brexit. We have to fight these ideological right wingers in tory power for this to never become our way in uk for the many.

  2. The overall English disdain for the European Parliament over the past 45 years means that those who were elected to it to represent English areas are the scrapings of the bottom of the intellectual barrel – as we can see from this dingbat and his weirdo fellow travellers.

  3. Perhaps it was a mistake to fund roads, transport, communication, power, water, police forces, Military and schools all of which have enabled the rich to get richer.

  4. The only true historical mistake the British people made was to stop lopping heads off the aristocracy during the ‘Civil war’. Had we followed the French model, we wouldn’t be suffering this awful parasitic few….

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