The MP behind ‘Tory Glastonbury’ has admitted it has been a flop after photos of the sparsely attended event were ridiculed on social media.

George Freeman organised the right-wing glamping trip after seeing Jeremy Corbyn take Glastonbury by storm, saying: “Why is it just the left who have all the fun in politics?”

But he has conceded his Big Tent Ideas Festival – staged on a farm owned by a millionaire betting magnate – looks a bit blokey and a bit nerdy.”

Asked if that was a fair representation of the event in a Sky News interview, the besuited reveller said:

Yeah, probably. This is a first event. I’ve put it together in two months really to demonstrate what political festivalism could and should look like.

“We have had some music but we haven’t had chance to get most of that organised.”

Needless to say, it has been taking a pasting on Twitter:

Even the event’s own Twitter account can’t make it look exciting:

The blokes and nerds who did turn-up were greeted to the site at a cocktail reception last night, according to the festival programme. 

Today they are being treated to talks such as “The Real Causes Of Millennial Disengagement” before a live stream of Theresa May’s speech in Florence.

It must count as the biggest posho festival let down since the Fyre Festival fiasco.

But George has assured everyone that he has exciting plans for next year:

“Next year’s festival will be at scale. We’re planning to have it ticketed and have it as a celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, of the the great businesses around the UK, the small business and entrepreneurs who are creating new opportunities, creating new prosperity.” 

Glastonbury had humble beginnings, but that sounds rubbish…

  1. What that buck eejit seems to have misunderstood that the Glastonbury attended by Jeremy’s Corbyn has been a large music event for years and the people who saw him would have been there anyway.

  2. Tory ducktards, they’re an embarrassment to themselves and to the country lol. Was their only event a goosestepping 100 metres!?

  3. Strong and stable fest by maybot.

    Just like un Hall in new York playing to Jack all.

    Looks like white rich and mother dropped them off in rangie lol

  4. Just about shows how totally out of touch they are with everything and should really just get out of the kitchen.

  5. The amazing thing it seems to me, is that they thought it would EVER work in the first place. There must have been a meeting about it somewhere, sometime, and at that point, why it wasn’t laughed out of the room I’ll never understand. It actuallt goes to explain a lot about the attitude and sheer bloody mindedness that explains the Tory thinking in general.

  6. They are, once again, clueless. Like Hague’s baseball cap and any references to modern bands or Brown being advised to smile (being even handed here) , the Tories have it spectacularly wrong.
    It’s like a vicar trying to be trendy. It’s fake and was always going to become he subject of derision. Idiots.

  7. What a bunch, it looks like the rent a (very small) crowd maybot dragged around the country to attend her speeches during the election but this time the camera is at a distance so you get to see how laughingly small it is

  8. Does anyone without payment attend Tory events ? United Nations , Florence , UK people seem embarrassed ? Or not bothered ?

  9. If only Gary Glitter and a few Orange Order bands could have made it (prior engagements) it would have attracted many thousands.

  10. Metal Resistance says:

    David Drummond
    Glastonbury is not just one stage, there are others, plus all the stalls and campsites. In fact half the people left the main stage area after Corbyn finished speaking.

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… you Tories. You do not understand people and why they do things. Glastonbury attracts people who love music, who make alternative life style choices, you are interested in interesting ideas, who in the main hate all you stand for!

  12. Good to know we’ve got the people who couldn’t organise a festival in a field running the country….oh the ineptitude!!

  13. The rich, (who you stand for) would never attend such a working class event and the rest of the country despise you. Just to be fair, Mr Corbin attended an event that was already packed so he had a captive audience who would probably cheer if Justin Bieber made a political speech.

  14. Sorry I missed the entertainment. I hope they do it again next year. Sounds like an absolutely spiffing party.

    With love from Kyiv

  15. Alice Price RGN. BA says:

    Sell Fiona what were you doing there if you’re not a Tory. Spying for the left? I’m sure the pictures were cherry picked but even so these people are idiots. You can’t make a believable copy of something nthat was spontaneous.

  16. It gets more unbelievable with every move they make. Referendums, Fake Intel, Brexit, No Accountability, Elections Bought, and we’re laughing about it when they fail to throw a rave.
    Not the way to remove them before they make a laughing stock of us all.!

  17. They aren’t clueless, they are dangerous. Just look at the messed up economy of the UK. Don’t be fooled, the Conservative party are evil incarnate.

  18. IF YOU CHANGE THE LETTERS TORY AROUND AND ADD A FEW MORE (or take some away?!?!?) you get the word BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!

  19. “What that buck eejit seems to have misunderstood that the Glastonbury attended by Jeremy’s Corbyn has been a large music event for years and the people who saw him would have been there anyway.”

    No one forced anyone to be in that field when Corbyn spoke. Glastonbury has 100+ stages that people could have gone to if they wished.

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