Theresa May seems determined to fall out with herself today.

This morning Scrapbook reported how the interim PM has managed to start a war of words with herself over trade: simultaneously defending the free market while threatening a trade war with the US.

Now she’s found a scapegoat for the Tories’ disastrous general election result – the person that called that awful snap general election.

Politics Home reports:

As Bloomberg’s Rob Hutton says:

In the same interview, May also bemoans the lack of election debates…

It’s going to hit her hard when she realises…

  1. Yeah, but she’s been rebooted a couple of times since the failed tory general election, so she probably can’t remember

  2. Foot in Mouth disease is rampant at No 10 Downing Street. It can only be a matter of time before she is shown the door marked “Do One”.

  3. Simply comical yet sad for the country. That woman doesn’t have an ounce of pride in herself or a grip on reality. If she had either, she would have resigned the morning after the election result.

  4. It is such a shame for her that the NHS has not got good funding for mental illness; particularly not for pathological delusion

  5. Just go Theresa May call anytime time now Jeremy Corbyn is reddy to take over from you or anyone else in your tory party let’s see a UK for the meny not just the few the people are caying out for you to go let’s get the NHS back the police and fire men and women to give them a decent pay the people know what you have been doing in your own silly way make way for a man called Jeremy Corbyn

  6. How can you be caught out by a snap election when your the one calling for a snap election. You’ve got the inside track before anyone else has a idea that there’s going to be a election and she’s going to get a good deal out of Europe when spouting rubbish like this !

  7. This women has and will continue to make the UK a laughing stock!! I cannot believe her peers haven’t called for her resignation? If she is allowed to continue negotiating we really will suffer when we leave and it will all be down to her and her buffoons!!!

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