A quick glimpse at the front pages of today’s papers shows Theresa May is, to put it politely, sending mixed messages.

According to the Telegraph, Theresa May is ready to launch a trade war with the US, stripping Boeing of Ministry of Defence contracts in retaliation for the 220% tariffs slapped on Belfast-made Bombardier aircraft.

The dispute has “dented her hopes of signing a post-Brexit trade deal with the US,” the paper reports.

But May strikes a very different tone if you read the Times.

It reports that she will make a speech defending capitalism as the “greatest agent of collective human progress every created”.

We’re used to cabinet splits by now, but being at odds with yourself is quite a feat…

  1. “I,m not surprised the Prime Minister does not agree with his Foreign Secretary. I,m not surprised he does not agree with his Chancellor. I am surprised he doesn’t agree with himself.” Tony Blair, to John Major, 1996. Can we expect a similar sequence?

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