Olly Robbins isn’t the only Government official in the bad books of Brexiteer ministers this morning.

It appears Liam Fox arrived to work furious to find his Department for International Trade had yesterday shared a graphic on Twitter explaining the perceived benefits for British business of the EU-Canada trade deal that comes into force this week:

Because the eagle-eyed barrister Jo Maugham has spotted that the tweet has been deleted this morning:

The purge hasn’t yet reached the Government’s website though, which informs businesses:

You can see why the Brexiteers don’t want to make a song and dance made about CETA.

In the week that Theresa May and Liam Fox went to begin negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal with Canada, Britain will begin benefiting (depending on your point of view) from one that has already been implemented by the EU.

Far from increasing the trade opportunities for British business, Brexit is going to disrupt them.

More concerning is that with Liam Fox in charge of our own trade deal, it’s likely to come with fewer protections for workers, consumers, animals or the environment.

Global Justice Now warns:

“A replicated version of CETA between the UK and Canada would be likely to include the most controversial element – powers for corporations to sue governments for enacting laws and making decisions that might be in the public good, but may impact corporate profit margins. There are numerous examples from similar trade deals where companies have used these powers to challenge labour laws, environmental protections and consumer standards.”

Chlorine-washed moose, anybody?

  1. Just like Boris’s repetition of the £350m fib, it just isn’t getting through to the ordinary citizen that these deceptions are being promulgated – even hidden. They’ll vote for Brexit again on the simple premise that paying some foreign organisation is a bad thing. Simples – at least to them. A case for decent education in civics, politics, the constition, basic economics?

  2. One of the fundamentals of business teaching is that if you have a deal that’s good for you, you do all you can to retain it. You don’t throw it away, for the simplest reason that the cost and effort of replacing what you already have always outweighs, and generally significantly, the cost of servicing and keeping what you already have. Yet this is the situation Brexit is creating. No wonder businesses are moving to ensure they retain their EU benefits – they understand this. We are following a path that requires us to attempt to replace in much the same form what we already have on the basis of unsubstantiated claims that we will get better and be better off by doing so. Put that as a business case to any CEO worth his weight and he will laugh you out of his office.

  3. Trust a Tory or Trust the Devil, give me the Devil every time

    One day the Conservatives may eject the Tories and not before time.

    Winston must be turning in his grave

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