It seems Jacob Rees-Mogg is not alone in his failure to understand that the presence of foodbanks across the country should not be considered normal or healthy.

Scrapbook reported on Thursday how the Eton-schooled millionaire told LBC Radio that he finds foodbanks a “rather uplifting” example of what a “compassionate country” we are.

Now his fellow Tory MP, George Freeman, has found a new excuse for the explosion in demand for emergency food parcels since the Tories took power – apparently being unable to buy food is just part of modern life. 

Freeman told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour:

“The truth is things are tough. They have been tough in the last few years. Barry [Gardiner] may well try to say this is a Tory problem – foodbanks went up by 10 times under Tony Blair. It’s been part of modern living. The cost of living has gone up.”

The Tories always like to claim there’s nothing new in foodbanks – but here’s bow demand has grown since they entered government in 2010:

Freeman then had the audacity to suggest:

“Conservative economic policy is providing the best hope of all – it’s jobs and income that really boost prosperity.”

Low income, benefit delays and benefit changes are the most common reasons for referral – hardly an endorsement for Tory economic policy.


Freeman certainly played his part in slashing benefits during his time as head of Theresa May’s policy unit.

Earlier this year, he defended massive cuts to PIP disability benefits at the dispatch box by arguing only “really disabled people” deserve the support.

And when it comes to wages, Freeman has defended the Government’s dire record for prosecutions against bosses undercutting the minimum wage.

He told a Labour MP that they were “playing the politics of envy” by calling for enforcement of the policy.

Naturally, Freeman also voted against an investigation into the growth of foodbanks and hunger in Britain.

Far from being part of “modern living”, foodbanks are the sign of a society going backwards under the Tories…


  1. I wonder if they consider it ‘normal living’ when people have to return the food unused because they have no way to heat or prepare it. Morons is too kind a description!

  2. David Lawrence says:

    Foodbanks, a part of modern living. Terrorism, a part of City living. Rape for women, a normal way of life…… Terribly Liberal, to think that way! Whatever, next?

  3. Theyre beyond redemption I think theyve all been cloned through tory incestuous relationships with each other!!! There’s no other logical explaination for their ideas? They seem to be short of braincells and all have the same evil traits. Watch them in parliament theyre like that dog churchill from the advert all nodding in unison? I despair for this country it really has gone to the dogs ( pun intended ) I’m bewildered and totally embarrassed by this government! We are the laughing stock of other countries when we once were proud to say were British! Not any more due to these tory muppets, not one of them have a bloody clue how to run this country!!! We need mass demonstrations outside downing street telling Theresa May and her muppet puppets exactly what the country thinks of her leadership as sadly the woman is deluded and thinks she is popular and we want her to stay!!! She’s the biggest joke ever!!!?

  4. When a poor family have been unemployed for a generation they are called “scroungers” if it’s a toff they are called The aristocracy.

    Meritocracy my arse.

  5. How can our country pretend to care for its people when we have such inequality between the poor and the likes of the royal scrounger (sorry family)? Why should the aristocracy live with such privilege simply because of an accident of birth? It’s absolutely disgraceful and immoral

  6. My daughter was sent to one of these food banks, not because she is lazy or does not work, she was working part time but did not have enough money to live on. I can remember her being so upset at having to go there and told her to forget her pride. People at the food bank could not belive she was being sent there. I am totally disgusted.

  7. Why oh why are they still in government? How about they get to live this way for at least 6 months then tell us it’s only part of modern day culture

  8. William (Bill) McArdle says:

    Sadly the great ‘British public’, especially the elderly Daily Mail reading retirees, still pay deferrence to their ‘betters’ and support the idea of monarchy/establishment. i don’t blame the Torys,as they are doing what comes natural to them. (pulling the wool over working class eyes). For Gods sake wake up people and let go of the (invisable) Tory chains that have kept you tethered to your ‘Little Englander’ mentality.

  9. what on earth does he know about Foodbanks, have the unpleasantness of living in his constituency. In my town Dereham we have a food bank and he has and will not set foot in it, or even talk about them when challenged. he is one of the most unpleasant people you could care to meet . He corned my 2 teenagers daughter blocking their path to their house, because HE wanted to speak to them. My wife ordered him away from them saying you want to speak to my children ou seek my permission first. I would have lumped the twat round ear

  10. Christopher Riches says:

    This country of ours has so much wealth – there is no reason people should be forced use food banks. It is NOT normal. We should be ashamed of how we are governed, by rich people who legislate so they can become richer and damn the rest of us – after all, it’s our own fault if we can’t afford good food, eh?

    I’m sure it’s all down to laziness and poor budgeting, isn’t it? The rich deserve all they get, as do the poor… it sickens me.

  11. The Empire cares not for its people but sees them as useless eaters only to be used as slaves to run the industrial war machine. Food or the lack of it has been used as a weapon against the poor to keep them in servitude. The Conservatives are the highminded pro Capitalist war party only out to destroy the working class.

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