A millionaire old-Etonian who divides his time between entrenching social injustice in Parliament and raking in extra cash through his financial services firm is on course to become the next Tory leader.

A poll published today by Conservative Home shows Jacob Rees-Mogg is the pick of Tory members to succeed Theresa May.

Political Scrapbook reported how the little fancied “none of the above” beat favourites Boris Johnson and David Davis to top the website’s last leadership poll.

In a sign of how unimpressed even Tory members are with the front bench of their own party, “Other” again came above Davis and Johnson.

But Mogg emerged the darling of the clearly desperate Tory membership, winning 22.54%.

The result comes hours after the grassroots party group Activate tried to kick-off a challenge to May’s leadership by openly backing Mogg.

So what is it they see in Mogg? Maybe it’s his voting record.

  • Against equal rights for gay people
  • Against a right to remain for EU nationals already living in the UK
  • Against a banker’s bonus tax
  • Against a mansion tax
  • Against removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords
  • Against measures to prevent climate change
  • Against limiting rises in rail fares
  • Against regulation of gambling


  • For the bedroom tax and cutting welfare benefits
  • For more restrictions on trade unions
  • For reducing corporation tax to the lowest in the G7
  • For raising tuition fees to £9,000
  • For mass surveillance of citizens’ communications
  • For privatising England’s forests
  • For legal aid cuts
  • For privatising Royal Mail

Rees-Mogg has a peculiar hatred for what he deems the “nanny state” for a man who was literally brought up being cared for by a nanny. 

It’s not clear he would actually have time to deal with matters of state considering he spends 35 hours every month running Somerset Capital, from which he has received £974,847 since becoming an MP in 2010. 

But if Jacob Rees-Mogg does become Tory leader would the last sane person to leave the party ask their butler to turn off the light…

  1. So typically tory. A pattern card for 18th Century ideas. Roll on the french revolution! Didnt know they worshipped throwbacks, poor loves.

  2. The article is wistful; Reece Mogg, on many, many occasions, has said he is not in the running to replace T-M; that she should be backed fully by the party and; that he continued to support her as leader to get on with Brexit.
    But go ahead and clutch at those straws…..

  3. Who is this Reece Mogg blighter? A doppelganger? The real Rees-Mogg lives in a multi-roomed residence we all paid to do up. And David you must know by now that whenever a politico says I am not in the running, they mean they are in the running. Like when PM says “he/she has my full backing”, he /she is defenestrated within 24 hours. Look at your Govey. If Moggers gets in, it will mean that his Jeeves will be running the country…which could be a good thing….

  4. Reece-Mogg epitomizes what is wrong with this Conservative Government. They are surrounded by private incomes, family money or married money. They’ve never HAD to work for a living, rubbed shoulders with other millionaires in their Private Clubs, dined with royalty and invited to Society weddings.
    They met at Prep School or if not at Eton, Winchester, Malborough etc. and followed each other to Oxbridge and then politics.
    My point is they have NO idea what it is like to be state educated, live in a 2/3 bedroom house, being raised by their actual parents, being expected to help with chores because their parents had to work to afford any extras. They haven’t experienced having to work, to budget, to go in to a low paid job because that is all there is.
    For a fairer balance there should only be a certain number of ‘Old Oxbridges’ in any Cabinet, this would bring in varied backgrounds to all parties and a better understanding of reality. ‘Pie in the sky’? probably but one can only dream!

  5. Rees-Mogg seems a dark horse for my liking but I’m sure he has some major support waiting to reveal itself from the shadows of the Conservative party. However he might also be another copycat politician wanting to be the man who steals the Corbyn thunder and this is exactly what we have to guard against. When Maggie the cradle snatcher was booted from No.10 the man who stepped in to replace her quickly showed he meant business and two years later beat Neil Kinnock to go back in. I’m not saying that Rees-Mogg is a John Major figure but we cannot afford to repeat that mistake with Corbyn. However he (Corbyn) does have one very significant advantage over NK in that the decisive message and the sounds of parliament on Wednesday at noon are continuing to resonate strongly in the country. The debate the UK is having is the one we want to have. We need to be sure to keep it here.

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