Theresa May played the oldest and dirtiest trick in the Tory playbook as she came under pressure over low pay at PMQs today – refusing to do anything about it and blaming outsiders.

She was asked by Jeremy Corbyn to back McDonald’s workers (who earn as little as £4.75 an hour) for decent pay from the the company’s boss who last year pocketed £11.8 million. She refused…

Then – with hundreds of nurses staging a demonstration against the public sector pay cap outside Parliament – Corbyn asked her to end the policy.

She stopped short of rehashing her magic money tree speech but found a new way to insult nurses, saying she wouldn’t spend money on “this, that and the other.”

May then had the audacity to blame migrants for “depressing wages” when asked to confirm the economic and cultural contribution migrants make by the SNP’s Ian Blackford…

Minutes after having refused to give nurses a pay rise or support the pay claim of McDonald’s workers, she kept a straight face while saying:

“We continue to believe as a government that it’s important to have net migration at sustainable levels, we believe that to be in the tens of thousands, because of the impact, particularly it has, on people at the lower end of the income scale in depressing their wages.”

A classic scapegoating strategy. But I’m afraid, Theresa, that people have realised something:

There’s only one person depressing the wages of working class people – you!

  1. The mind of Theresa may and her followers will show us very clearly how dangerous this tory government really are they blame others look as if they care but only for the those who line their pockets. Her rhetoric no longer fits.

  2. The Tories are the biggest crooks. Holding wages down while they get wage rises. Putting in enormous expenses. Siding with the crooks like McDonalds, Sports Direct and all the others that treat their workers like slaves on low workers. Earning millions a year, the shitehouses

  3. Alice Price RGN. BA says:

    All the Tories are dishonest. May thier mouthpiece the most dishonest of all. I am retired nurse. Like most of my colleagues I went into nursing because I have a nurturing character. Thank goodness our patients are grateful this govt doesn’t appreciate the nurses it merely uses them. She cannot have a good consciounce like mine and the other NHS workers. What goes around comes around

  4. Same old rhetoric.tsking a leaf out of trump’s book going for the racist vote. She is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  5. My memory goes right back to Macmillan, 1963. There is no mountain high enough from which to show my contempt for May or May not. I did not feel this way about even Thatcher, and God, I hated her enough, but she understood Rule of Law.

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