For most of the population, Friday’s brings a sense of relief and optimism. For Theresa May, Friday now invariably means waking up to another set of nightmare local election results.

But even by the Tories recent standards – losing to Labour in the seat of a Cabinet minister that wasn’t even in Jeremy Corbyn’s top 100 targets – today is a bad day.

The Prime Minister will have been told this morning that her party lost FIVE seats of the nine seats they were defending overnight.

Four of the five seats won by Labour and the Greens are in seats held by the Tories in June with a majority of at least 5,000.

The Tories managed to lose a seat a piece to Labour and the Greens in Cannock Chase, where the Tories increased their majority from 4,923 to 8,391 at the recent general election:

The seat won by the Greens was left vacant after the sitting Tory councillor was disqualified for failing to turn up to any council meetings in six months:

The Greens increased their vote by a whopping 22% to win in Lewes, a seat in which they didn’t even stand in June when Maria Caulfield won it for the Tories with a 5,508 majority in June:

Labour also won a ward previously held by the Tories in the SNP held constituency of Airdrie and Shotts. The Tories’ vote share appears to have suffered from the presence of a Unionist Party candidate, but the their combined votes still wouldn’t have been enough to beat Labour:

The loss that is most likely to concern Tory HQ came in a ward in South Suffolk, which they won with a huge 17,749 majority at the general election:

Labour also held all four council seats they were defending and extended their majorities by between 5% and 24%:

The Tories only consolation was a gain from the Lib Dems in Colchester:

UPDATE 11:30: The Tories have been hit for six! It has just been confirmed they have also lost a seat in the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency, which they won with a 15,013 majority in June, to an independent:

Happy Friday everyone!

  1. The Tories lost six seats labour gained Ipswich as well from Tories. Keep rigging parliament. Keep playing with eu nationals lives deluded brexit deluded power grabs. Deluded prime minister and deluded tory policies and this is the result.

  2. Now people are seeing the toryies are only there for people with everything and labour are there for everyone not just the few more and more people will be voting labour I can’t wait for Jeremy Corbyn to become pm and get in to number 10

  3. Finally people are waking up to the fact the
    Tories are for the Rich and wealthy
    Nurses family’s disabled elderly just don’t fit their criteria so they don’t count .
    But there are still places out there that were
    The Tory Blinkeres no matter what this party do to the people of the UK they will always vote Tory

  4. Steve Boulding says:

    Although they mostly loathe each other at least as much as they hate everybody else, the Tories still have scores of millions of pounds to throw at future elections, local and national, so don’t underestimate them or their ability, aided by the toxic right-wing media, to con or frighten people (many of whom should be intelligent enough to know better), into voting them back in.

    If you are in any way centre-ish to left-ish, support Lab, LD, Greens, PC, SNP, MK, or none of these, but just believe that a rather more compassionate and fair society can work, then please consider carefully that a Progressive Alliance is probably the only practical way to (a) win a General Election convincingly under the present system, (b) legislate for a fairer electoral system, including votes at 16, and (c) ensuring that the hard right and offshore tax-dodging billionaires can never again achieve a stranglehold on our political system.

  5. Glad to read this was worried that people had fallen back into a lethargy and disinterest in Brexit We need to keep alert and still know what’s going on otherwise the rich will continue to run our country and their puppet politicians

  6. Susan Lofthouse says:

    This is soooo uplifting! I am so glad that ‘the many’ are letting their individual voices be heard in the form of a vote for change to compassion and community, and away from the selfishness and greed of the ‘few’! Power to the People!

  7. Steve Williams says:

    It’s brilliant news, largely ignored by mainstream media – but as pointed out by Steve Boulding, it shows that with a progressive alliance we can get a Labour led government of the left. The Labour Party needs to wake up to this. I tried to unseat Jeremy Hunt in the election and got expelled from the Labour Party as a result… Sign the petition if you want to stop supporters of a progressive alliance from being expelled from the Labour Party:

  8. Yes a progressive allaiance is our hope here. Labour need to get over their issues with the snp to do this though. That may be a hurdle! There seems to be a visceral hatred from labour out to the SNP which is really not useful. As the bulk of their policies are similar.

  9. Its a pity that ‘woman’ wont have the guts to call another snap election , mind you there are a few tory dinosaurs who might pop their clogs during this parliament’s term so be interesting to see the results of any forth coming by elections, just watch the right wing media froth at the mouth during one, its a pity that the editors AND the owners of the gutter press cant be prosecuted when they print out right lies

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