Despite years of complaining about Berlin’s influence over Britain, Nigel Farage sees no reason he shouldn’t meddle in German politics.

So he’s off to Berlin this week to campaign for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party ahead of the German federal election on September 24.

“Mr Brexit” – as he’s described on the AfD’s poster – will speak alongside Beatrix von Storch at a rally on Friday, it was announced today.

von Storch hit the headlines last year when she backed her party leader’s suggestion that German police should shoot refugees trying to enter the country “if necessary.”

Asked on her Facebook page whether that should include women and children, Farage’s speaking partner replied: “Yes.”

von Storch moderated her comments slightly amid the political shit storm that hit shortly afterwards, suggesting that children should be spared – but not their parents.

“The use of firearms against children is not permitted,” she said, “women are a different matter.”

“The use of weapons against them can therefore be permitted within the narrow legal framework.”

The MEP was subsequently asked to leave the Tories’ group in the European Parliament and later joined UKIP’s group.

That’s just one item on the AfD’s long rap sheet of racism.

Björn Höcke, a leading member of the party, criticised Holocaust memorial events, saying they were making German history “appalling and laughable.” He said:

“These stupid politics of coming to grips with the past cripple us – we need nothing other than a 180-degree reversal on the politics of remembrance.”

And the party’s deputy leader last week said a German minister of Turkish descent from Angela Merkel’s centre-right party should be “disposed of” in Turkey.

That’s the kind of “ghastly” company Mr Brexit keeps…

  1. Let the fucker go. Let him speak. Then the second he lands back in the UK, arrest him for incitement to racial hatred. It will undoubtedly be a clear-cut case and with his previous, an easy conviction.

  2. He and his backers have caused such problems for this country that I consider him a traitor. If he has a british passport then maybe he should have it removed so that he can become a refugee. Would be nice if his assets could be confiscated as well.

  3. Adrienne Thomas says:

    The REALLY astounding thing about this shit faced fuck is that he openly admitted in an interview that his ancestors (huguenots) were fleeing persecution and this country “opened its arms and took them in”…his words! I wish they hadn’t….i wish we had had the kind of immigration laws he is touting..then we wouldn’t have to put up with his ugly frog face and his hypocrisy….thought he coudl get a foothold in Trump’s camp and as that has failed he is trying the second most evil person in the world. He should already be in jail for inciting racial hatred the toe-rag. Anyone who can side with a woman with such appalling views deserves jail time…he certainly isn’t welcome here.

  4. Descent of the French Huguenots, Marie’s with a German, sleeping with a French, making his money is Strasbourg and bruxelles and with all this:He hates Europe (/@@!£% don’t even tell me about Europe not being the EU shit….
    I rest my case!!!

  5. My comment is awaiting moderation….. ? I’m beginning to think maybe this is why only one view seems to be in these comments – and in Political Scrapbooks pages

  6. We need an Alien Invasion to coelesce us all together into Human Mankind!! We need to admit that we are AFRAID of strangers, of people coming into our territory, of the unknown – how afraid must these refugees be?? VERY!!

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