The views of Judge Roy Moore, who is vying to be the Republican candidate in the Alabama senate race, are too much for Donald Trump.

The US President said yesterday that he believes the Republicans could lose the seat with such a controversial figure as their candidate and is backing another candidate, Luther Strange, in today’s primary.

But Nigel Farage has no qualms about Moore’s racist and homophobic views and flew into the US at short notice to campaign for him last night night alongside Steve Bannon.

Farage said last night it took him “10 seconds to decide to drop everything to come here” to campaign for Moore and his agenda.

Here’s a few views of the man he’s backing: 

And here’s a few points from Moore’s programme that Farage is backing:

  • Economy: Getting rid of progressive income tax and replacing it with a flat tax on goods bought

  • Justice: Impeachment of judges he doesn’t agree with

  • Health: The repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, with the millions too poor to afford health insurance left to rely on charity

  • Military: Banning gay people from the military

  • Foreign affairs: “‘Walk softly and carry a big stick’ is and should be our guide.”

  • Abortion: “Federal funding for Planned Parenthood or any form of abortion should be stopped.”

Farage’s take on all that? 

“I have absolutely no hesitation in putting my support and my backing behind a man like Judge Roy Moore.”

  1. Is Farage still a M E P?
    If so when does he actual turn up for work?
    The fact that he hoodwinked the British people for years seems to have given him the confidence to believe that he can now try to deceive the world.

  2. The only assistance I would give to Farage is a half hearted pull at his legs when he is dangling from the scaffold. There now.

  3. Strictly speaking, “speak softly, and carry a big stick” was originally coined long ago by Teddy Roosevelt, not this scheister.

    But in all respects Farage is a reprehensible toad.

  4. The Farago of Lies and the KKK judge are welcome to each other: the Vile sticks to the totally disgusting like shit on a shoe. What does it say about the failure of public education in both the UK and US that anyone believes these lying racist thugs?

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