News that a well known family are expecting their third child has helpfully highlighted the Tories’ hypocrisy over family planning.

A Downing Street spokesperson confirmed that Theresa May has sent her congratulations to Will and Kate about their “fantastic news.”

Unfortunately for thousands of other parents expecting their third child, it comes just months after the Tories imposed a two-child limit on tax credits.

Here’s the damage according to the Institute for Fiscal studies:

“The reform will mean about 600,000 three child families getting around £2,500 a year on average less than they would have got, with a further 300,000 families with four or more children getting £7,000 a year less on average.”

The irony and plain injustice of it all isn’t lost on some:

A referendum on the naming of the new Royal baby might soften the blow. Our favourite:

  1. And there I was thinking it was just about having a third child, leading to over population, restricted lifestyles, starvation, depletion of natural resources, mass extinctions and longer queues for buses and trains and really it’s about child support.

  2. Monarchy will soon pass to the Middleton family in the light of present day womens rights and equality laws. Battenberg name mever did take off.

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