The Daily Mail today exposes our own slipping standards by rehashing a smear that we’ve already tried and failed to whip into a scandal.

Our investigations team has seen something John McDonnell said four years ago – but failed to notice that we already told you about it four months ago…

That’s how the front page of today’s Daily Mail should read given it is an exact replica of a story they ran in May. Compare and contrast:

May 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

Just like the content, there’s also nothing new in the Mail’s aim in shamelessly reprinting old smears.

The real target are hardworking public servants who haven’t had a pay rise for seven years under the Tories and are now preparing to take strike action.

The Mail is doing its job as the Tories’ attack dog – the editor was treated to a private dinner at Downing Street by Theresa May – by attempting to chip away at the huge amount of public sympathy for workers ahead of any action.

It’s also rather ironic the Mail should be screaming about insurrections on September 11.

On the same day in 1973, General Pinochet overthrew Chile’s socialist government in a real armed insurrection in which thousands were killed, tortured and displaced.

Thatcher, the Mail’s idol, was a loyal ally of Pinochet and the paper’s obituary to him was headlined: “Death of a friendly dictator.”

  1. The Daily Mail is a Tory Party newsletter. I have to laugh at the “Investigations Unit” bit, trying to disguise the fact that the attempted smear comes directly from Tory HQ.

  2. General Pinochet dealt with trade unionists, socialist politicians and journalists by having them dragged from their beds in the night, herded into empty football stadiums and murdered.

    Presumably that was ok with the Mail and the Tories.

    Folk should care to remember that when the Tories and Tory press start shrieking about workers exercising their legal right to withdraw their labour.

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