The Government have belatedly made police officers a pay offer of above 1% – but the damage has been done as far as many frontline cops are concerned.

A police officer has published a damning resignation letter setting out how the Government has forced him to walkaway from the job after pushing the force to “breaking point.”

Joe Torkington, a Manchester bobby of 13 years, explains how the Tories turned his boyhood dream into a “permanent state of anxiety and stress” by slashing officer numbers, freezing their pay and attacking their pensions.

The letter he sent to Greater Manchester Police chief constable Ian Hopkins explaining the reasons for his resignation has been published with his permission by another officer, who says it represents the “emotions of the majority of officers.”

The officer begins by explaining how motivated he was to join the police…

He describes how community policing was working well before the Tories took power…

He explains the dangerous effect of the Government’s cuts…

And signs off with some strong words for Theresa May and her ministers…

The last time Theresa May was warned about the state of neighbourhood policing by a Manchester police officer, she accused them of “crying wolf” and scaremongering.”

But it’s not just police officers who are refusing to accept more work for below inflation pay under the Tories.

A National Audit Office report published today reveals more teachers are quitting the classrooms now compared to five years ago and schools are finding it difficult to fill vacancies.

Public service will always be demanding but the least staff deserve is decent pay and working conditions.

Scrapbook couldn’t agree more with Joe – the Government should hang their heads in shame…

  1. I can see why the Police are having their pay cap lifted.
    This government are going to be in dire need of their services when the impact of Brexit take full effect.

  2. The lifting of the pay cap is no more than a symbolic gesture as the Tories who many believed were the best party to manage the economy have so dismally failed totally to reduce the national debt or to improve living standards OR to ensure affordable housing for all.

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