Boris Johnson proves today that UK workers can always rely on him – to put his own job prospects above theirs.

With 4,000 jobs put in jeopardy by the US government’s decision to place 220% tariffs on planes made by Bombardier in Belfast, you would expect the Foreign Secretary to be busy trying to broker a deal to save them.

Instead he’s spending his time – and our money – to host the launch of a new hard Brexit lobby group, the Institute for Trade, at the Foreign Office.

The group’s president, arch-Thatcherite MEP Dan Hannan, argues any damage to the UK economy from leaving the EU will be made up for by our “global, free-trading, deregulated future.” 

Writing on today’s launch event, Hannan promises:

“Outside the EU, we can sign deals with Australia, China, India, the US — helping our own folk and theirs.”

Outside the single market, Britain would be heavily reliant on the US and clearly, as Open Britain point out, today shows they are far from reliable trading partners:

But that won’t change the minds of these Tory fanatics.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, who is also backing tonight’s event, said in the US this summer that: “It is not our responsibility to protect jobs.”

Hannan, Fox and their friends are happy to sacrifice jobs or swallow chlorine-washed chicken on the alter of their free market first ideology.

Boris, as ever, is doing what he thinks is best for his political interests.

There’s only one job he cares about…

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