Another ill-fated Tory attempt to get young people to vote against their own interests appears to have collapsed into a complex blue-on-blue conflict – even before being formally launched.

Activate hit the headlines last week when leaked messages from its WhatsApp group revealed a discussion about gassing “chavs”. 

Since then a battle for power has been raging between two factions for control over the group’s social media accounts:

The pro-May ‘wets’ are controlling Facebook…

…and the Moggmentum ‘bastards’ are holding Twitter:

The whole thing reached ridiculous new levels this afternoon when young Tory activist Sam Ancliff appeared on the Daily Politics.

Not even the BBC could work out whether he was a spokesman for the group.

Prior to his appearance, Activate’s Twitter account claimed he no longer represented the group:

But Ancliff told Jo Coburn that he is very much still the group’s spokesperson and said the group’s Twitter account had been hacked:

Here’s how the group’s Twitter account responded:

What an Eton mess. ActivHate seems like a more fitting name for this lot…

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