Tory MP Will Quince believes he’s a true man of the people, defending a rant concerning a £54 parking ticket by telling Twitter that those on “lower incomes are disproportionately affected by high parking fines.” Of all people, he should know how lower income families are coping, having consistently voted against social welfare and benefits…

Quince’s faux-outrage for the working man was a bit hard to swallow, given his appalling voting record on social welfare and benefits:

Others pointed out Quince’s attempt at solidarity in fact demonstrated a grossly out-of-whack understanding of working-class life, and the real problems that people face:

Unfortunately for Quince, his cack-handed complaint revealed his breath-taking ignorance of the trials that people are subjected to under the Tories.

Quince, a quintessential cretin!

  1. Chris Kitcher says:

    The useless prat should have been hanged for this. Let’s make an example of these political spongers.

  2. Colchester is not known for its large number of MENSA members which is why it seems it ended up with a Tory fool like this. Go sink together.

  3. Carolyn Barolyn says:

    He’s such a good MP and he’s making a fair point. If he was Labour or a Lib Dem, you’d have thought nothing of it.

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