The Spectator was stuck in a rut this morning. Mulling over general election data, they were struck by the fact that only 18 percent of 18-24 year olds voted Tory. ‘Why was this?’ they pondered: the Tories are well-reputed for all their youth-oriented policies on tuition fees and student loans, housing benefits, and employment, are they not?

Luckily for them, Twitter was more than willing to offer some helpful hints:

But as for the best piece of sage advice:

  1. David Sanftenberg says:

    Don’t forget pricing them out of the housing market with artificial restrictions on planning permission, including presumptions against building in rural areas (not even talking greenbelt!).

    Tories should be liberalising markets and creating new opportunities for private enterprise, yet real estate is hobbled by a bureaucratic, NIMBY filled, socialized planning system. Insanity.

  2. One idea might be to implement policies that are inspired by an appreciation of the common good rather than aiming for the further enrichment of the few. A little humanity might help.

  3. David Crystal says:

    Theresa May. Boris Johnson. Michael Gove. Jeremy *unt. Amber Rudd. Ian Duncan Smith. Michael Fallon. Elizabeth Truss. David Davis. Liam Fox. Amanda Leadsam. Chris Grayling….
    Need I go on?

  4. Ilona csatlos-graudins says:

    I agree with every single comment .About time this bunch of out of touch elite were but out to sea for all their sculldugery nothing but a bunch of incompetent parasites living off the back of the youth

  5. elizabeth ann ross says:

    maybe it the outright cruelty and contempt for the voters and taking everything from the most vulnerable…destroying the NHS and stealing their education and pensions …pension age going up….no housing, no jobs and no hope….the empty promises, and all the U turns….that give people no confidence or belief in TORY govt….but maybe thats just me?

  6. Tory govt are attacking education for the young, they deserve this and more and they don’t keep promises

  7. Because Tories are the uncoolest of all parties. Pompous self- indulgent greedy warmongers. I could go on all day. Hypocritical, dishonest, selfish, cruel. No empathy!
    Sneaky underhand and dodgy AF. Untrustworthy. The young have access to the internet now so are very clued up to this dreadful party.

  8. Tories have hit poorer people from 2010, bedroom tax hit many people on lower incomes, it caused Stephanie Botrill to walk in front of a lorry, she couldn’t afford it. David Cameron lied in 2010, saying “we will always look after the needy, the disadvantaged, the elderly the frail, the poorest of our Country. That is the sort of person I am.” What absolute lies, lied from start to finish & May is just the same. The tories have brought our country to its knees with their contemptible greed!

  9. I, also, am disturbed that the figure is as high as 18 percent. I think this can be explained by the fact that more tories bother to vote. A lot more young voted last time, and it made a difference. Imagine what could happen if the rest could lose this silly “Im not voting for any of them” attitude.
    Use the current system to affect change in the system. VOTE!

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