He’s only been in the job two months, but already Tory MP Douglas Ross is putting his foot in it like many of his peers: when asked by the Daily Telegraph what he would do if he were PM for one day without repercussions, Ross replied, “Tougher enforcement against Gypsies and Travellers”.

Ross, who unseated SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson at the 2017 General Election, was accused by the Green MSP John Finnie of attacking “an already beleaguered minority, our gypsy travellers.”

Chris Smith from the Travellers’ Times said:

“Homelessness, Brexit and Terrorism, Mr Douglas Ross could have chosen any of these issues to deal with. Instead he chose to go with “Tougher enforcement against Gypsies and Travellers” the UK’s largest indigenous ethnic group, some of whom will be his constituents.”

What more could you expect from the Nasty Party?

  1. This man is an embaresment to the human race. He is a down right racist. He has openly singled out a minority group.
    Proper camp sites should be set for the travelers. They have as much right to their lives as he has to his.
    He’s the worst type of Tory. They blame the poor for the countries problems instead of the tax dodging rich

  2. Moray schools can’t get sufficient teachers to staff them properly or offer the range of qualifications available to kids in Aberdeenshire and Highland. And his top priority is harrassing gypsies and travellers?

    Words fail me.

  3. Chris Kitcher says:

    This is just the sort of comment that seems to the racist, nazi idiots to legitimise their extreme views. Why has no one in the Tory party called him to account, or are they all racist nazi bastards to?

  4. Cap'n Campbell says:

    Dear God Moray, If you were yanks you’d have backed Trump eh .You rejected a fine statesman like Angus Robertson for this fool. Regret at your leisure. What will this specimen do for Scotland ?

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