In this morning’s Sun, right-wing blog editor Brendan O’Neill wrote an article on the Crown Prosecution Service’s plans for stricter sentences for online abusers. As can be expected, O’Neill’s tirade was based entirely on a straw man, but that didn’t stop him from arguing that “the mistake of drunkenly tweeting that a female politician you don’t like is a “bitch”” wasn’t that big of a deal.

O’Neill, who is notorious for his incessant trolling (previous delightful articles include  Posh-bashing has replaced prole-bashing as the nastiest strain in British politics and  Homosexuals were once branded as mentally disordered. Now homophobes are treated the same way) was very concerned that the CPS plans would upset everyone’s midnight misogyny:

“Make the mistake of drunkenly tweeting that a female politician you don’t like is a “bitch” or write a Facebook post questioning whether trans women are “real” women and you could be judged unfriendly and have your collar felt by the cops. It’s terrifying.”

O’Neill was also astonished by the sobering reality that “just being unfriendly to someone on the basis of their faith or sexuality could count as a hate crime.”

It was pointed out that the premise of O’Neill’s article was also a gross misrepresentation, given a case could not be brought against “satire…rude comment…banter or humour” under the new plans.

The vast majority pointed out that, predictably, O’Neill had skewed the CPS announcement:

Back under the bridge, troll

  1. Does this idiot think that being drunk is an excuse for infantile behavior? Maybe he should wonder what a sober person should do to retaliate. One assumes he had a woman for a mother. Looks like no respect was given her!

  2. Alasdair Whyte says:

    being infantile or an idiot is now a criminal offence?
    being rude (drunk or not) to one person is assaulting all persons?

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