Ex-Daily Mail editor-at-large Isabel Oakeshott made a fool of herself today, claiming in a rant against social housing “entitlement” that she had had “no financial help from anyone ever.”  Which is true, if you don’t count the tens of thousands spent on her private education.

Many weren’t that sure Oakeshott was in a position to talk about entitlement:

It didn’t take long for Twitter to point out that Oakeshott was a beneficiary of extraordinary financial privilege, having been educated at Gordonstoun School, where the cheapest fees are £24,855 a year.

Chi Onwurah MP said what we were all thinking:

The penny hadn’t quite dropped yet for Oakeshott however, who went on to defend her claim that she never received ‘financial help’ by explaining she paid her fees with a scholarship:

  1. Roland Scales says:

    A “scholarship” is simply a selective benefit for educational purposes! Financial aid, as we were saying all along.

  2. Bryan Luffman says:

    The woman comes from the privileged few an absolute fraud Not really worth the bother but can she explain how minimum wage earners cleaners say manage to pay rent and travel to keep her office and toilets clean

  3. Michael Davies says:

    Always looks spiteful. and mardy.. Just as if someone has smacked her face,..
    but worse…. to me she has no compassion or empathy and has a nasty mind… typical Tory…

  4. Apart from the scholarship, who got her the job on the DM, nothing to do with her privileged background which daddy paid for

  5. You cant call the poor women, Its inbred in all of them any help they get either money or help from family isn’t a benefit its there right and entitlement, Wile people she sees as beneath her are entitled to nothing, Its this attitude that drives the Tory party and makes them hate the great unwashed sorry the normal people like you and me just trying to get by

  6. The “most desirable parts of London” are in many cases where gentrification has taken place pushing out ordinary Londoners. Has she considered what an incredibly loaded comment that is and how much of herself she reveals with it?
    Also wonder if she owns her property and how many years she had to save and what she had to do without to scrape together a deposit if she received no help.
    Not a nice woman I suspect and perhaps one who is economical with the truth??

  7. Andrew Roberts says:

    And what is most unbelievable, is that the great stupid, oh so stupid unwashed continually vote them into power.

  8. Every petition, march, fight in favour is welfare and disability rights IS for her too, because nobody is exempt from the risk. It’s a shame she can’t see that.

  9. Charles Fulford says:

    Let’s not forget that a ‘scholarship’ is to pay the school fees. She will have had to be supported with clothing, travel, school clothing and equipment, holidays, trips and who knows what else. Who provided those? The fairies? I’m afraid she demonstrates just what’s wrong with her strata today. Compassion is in desperately short supply in her credo.

  10. One obnoxious, talentless, hypocritical snitch.

    Even had the brass-necked temerity to bleat that Vicky Pryce had ‘betrayed’ HER!

    Horridable, godawful, twunt. Not clever enough to be an imbecile.

  11. Perhaps her school provided the 7p meals the Tories want for kids,, or she lived on porridge everyday similar to how she said kids needing meals at school should live to pay for her education

  12. People who are privileged routinely think they did it with no help from anyone. But anyone less privileged acknowledges the help they receive.

  13. Typical upper class spoilt tory with no compassion for those not born with a safety net like herself.
    Why is she so bitter that people ask for help in such circumstances – we all need help at some stage of our lives.

  14. Well my view is simple i dont really blame Isabel, when people have been raised to think there entitled to get finances, help for there education a good job because its not what you know its who, i understand that she believes theres nothing wrong with her beliefs and comments, but if a wealthy education is said to be for the most academic and the intelligent than im afraid it doesnt teach empathy and understanding and basic common sense, but surely the point of education is to educate yourself about all that goes on in society from all angles, so privelage is fine if thats how your brought up, and i get it but you should only look down on people when your helping them up and the rich and the privelged are in the ideal position to do so, they choose not to or not to believe therefore the biggest scroungers are actually the privelged they take take take yet give nothing back, thats the true injustice in britain 2017, those who have been helped, choose not to help those who need help !!

  15. martin laffey says:

    I wonder how this horrible creature shows her face in public.Remember your ” friend” Vicky Pryce.Do us all a favour and crawl under a rock with the other slugs.

  16. Wish I could say something without using bad language, but I can’t. Her total lack of any kind of empathy or understanding of others not as privileged as her is not just a character flaw, it’s quite typical of psychopaths. Has she been diagnosed, one wonders

  17. Jacqueline Madders says:

    Given her education, what part of it failed to enlighten her that charity is everything in character ? Compassion ? So, dear girl, how do you want your face to look in thirty years time? It will be the one you deserve. Tragically thoughtless .

  18. She is one of the most arrogant women in the media who is to the right of Attila the hun. She wouldn’t recognise empathy if it jumped up and bit her on the nose. She really is quite a disgusting example of our species and is too full of herself. I wish people like Andrew Neil would not invite her onto our TV screens because there are far more learned and incisive thinkers and political commentators that could take her place.

  19. I think its all been said! But it ius worth repeating….who the hell vote people like this into government? Who is happy for people like her to make decitions on how this country should be run.

  20. Poor people ARE Londoners. They are and have always been the boiler room of the machine. They should not leave because rich lords and oligarchs buy whole developments. It is that distructive, selfish element that hollows out the heart of the city.

  21. kevin fitzmaurice-brown says:

    Yet another NPD helping to destroy the Uk for themselves not understanding they will eventually be in line for self destruction.

  22. Ah well at least she doesn’t want to turf everybody out of supported housing – only out of the posh neighbourhoods! It must be awful having to mingle with the great unwashed when you’re stepping out of your front door and into your chauffeur driven Bentley bought with Daddy’s / Hubby’s / old school tie privilege money. Obviously she needs to get a house with an electric front gate and a driveway.

  23. Some people with an advantageous background are appreciative and grateful for the benefits given them. To them I say good luck as long as you do not forget the majority who are less fortunate. My observation of this woman. particularly on Sunday Politics and Question Time are that she is a cold self satisfied tory who looks down her nose at the rest of us. And I bet she isn’t much good in bed either perhaps Rupert might disagree.

  24. Kathleen Cozens says:

    A scholarship has to be funded, either by wealthy alumni or trusts. Someone has paid for the scholarship. Uniforms are not included in the scholarships, neither are the expensive school trips, for educational purposes, of course. She clearly chooses to ignore all of this. Who completed the application forms for the scholarship? Clearly she has had substantial support from family which she chooses not to acknowledge and appears to be an extremely arrogant person with no empathy towards anyone others less fortunate.

  25. Ok. Let these silly fuckers have their desirable housesin desirable areas that the poor cant afford. How desirable will they be when the left over food from their fancy greedy tables goes off because there are no dustmen there. Let them wallow in their own shit and crap!!!!

  26. Sad! To believe one has had absolutely no help from anybody. No person could be alive without the help and support if other human beings, wether they are family or not, wether it’s little or lots of help and support, good intentioned or you are only being helped and supported for the benefit if the other persons benefit, good or evil. Either way, it’s impossible that a human being would get to a certain age, life in a nice enough standard of housing, drive a decent car, have a healthy bank account, clothes, good lifestyle, never short of food, good relationships, a good, well titled job, with a good salary and appearing on TV to voice their opinions on things that actually they have not the first clue about. If they’ve been given absolutely no help nor support in life? The types of people in this world who have been given very, very little support and help in life (for numbers of reasons) are the ones who end up homeless on the streets, living in very poor conditions or end up in jail.

  27. David Lawrence says:

    Ms Oakeshott wants the areas her friends live in to be socially cleansed. I guess the cleaners and kitchen staff at the Daily Mail have to go about their duties unseen and stand aside if Ms Oakshott or her friends pass them in a corridor. Good old British snobbery is alive and well in the 21st Century.

  28. All, been said above, but just to add, this is another completely vacuous Tory who don’t even begin to grasp the fact that their beliefs and policies will ultimately sow the seeds of their destruction. She is effectively advocating ghettoisation or “let them eat cake” and so shows absolutely no understanding of history. She’s a nasty piece of work.

  29. I just ferl sorry for the man that takes her to bed wd that wooden face of hers,got to be a horrid experience,yeah i see her on Andrew Neil show what she needs is a big black coxk down her throat making her gag and swallow dumb bitch

  30. Anthony chiverton says:

    Arrogant ignorant of the real problems facing the ordanary people of our country.
    A product of Thatcher showing how the elites see us has the problem to all the country’s ills and would rather we go away.
    These disgusting excuses for human beings are the real problem in our society.
    I for one would pusue them through the courts to take back the tax they are avoiding and close down the loop holes.and pass employment laws where they had their salary capped at a normal level .
    Maybe then they would understand what the word SOCIETY ment !

  31. Only seen her a couple of times in question Time, Disliked her instantly, as arrogant, lacking empathy and talking with that empowerment that so many rich/well connected people think they have but their obvious ignorance tells us they have not.

  32. She is up there with all the other common thinking Narcissist.

    Generally most Narcissist come from a backround that is insular, that is only those with the same upbringing as themselves is the only lives they lead, having a great start in life sets you up for life, everything is planned out you know what you want for your future and the road trip is bought and paid for without having to bat an eye it’s their sense of entitlement just because they come from an self entitled upbringing.
    They are ingrates, they are not greatful for the life and opertunities that their entitled lifestyle afforded them and with their like minded club of connections in high places & the media, the entitled have taken over, they feel entitled to opinionate on the less fortunate, because “after all look were I am” they haven’t lived the lives of those they denigrate, but feel entitled to decide wether they get help to put food on the table and pay rent?

    That adds up to a lot of entitlments

  33. Of course, the lady has NO idea, which is one thing – but that she does not want to learn, and diminishes people for being in a position that she hasn’t the intellect even to try to understand is quite another. Just ignore her. Don’t read her articles, don’t buy what she writes in, don’t watch her on telly. She really is not worth getting steamed up about.

  34. If every minimum wage individual where to go on strike for three days this country would come to a stand still let these Tory scum see how important they are and maybe give them the slap in the face wake up call they so desperately need

  35. Its not a crime to be privately educated–what was a crime was the egregious plot concocted by Clement Attlee to be rid of British children in their hundreds after WW11, and send them to Aust where they were made to toil and erect large concrete and stone buildings at such infamous places as Bindoon boys town. The vast majority were never educated at all, other than in the very basics.

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