A YouGov poll released today suggests that, bizarrely, Lib Dem voters don’t want a House majority.

The poll asked respondents how many seats they would assign each party in their ideal House of Commons. Unsurprisingly, Tory and Labour voters wanted stonking majorities. Even the Kippers had enough faith in their party to imagine gaining 214 seats.

But ask a Lib Dem voter, and the pessimism is excruciating:

Yep, Lib Dem voters would rather have a Labour majority in their ideal House of Commons, than their own party.

You’d have thought, having gained 4 seats in the General Election and a fresh-faced new leader, that Lib Dem electoral hopes might be rekindled.

YouGov seemed equally bewildered, concluding that “Lib Dem voters do not, on the whole, want to see the Liberal Democrats as the largest party in the Commons.”

“The average number of seats Lib Dem voters want their party to have is 159 – quite far behind the average 201 seats they would give to Labour and only marginally ahead of the average 150 they would assign to the Conservatives.”

Perhaps it’s time to replace that Bird of Liberty with a dodo?

  1. Maybe because they see that FPTP has failed the country miserably and would rather see a progressive alliance government.

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