The Tories been trying to trash Laura Piddock MP’s comments that she’ll never be “friends” with Tory MPs. Faux outrage ensued, with Nadine Dorries MP decrying the “politics of hate and such a hands over the ears juvenile attitude.” Luckily, Owen Jones was there to offer some crucial perspective:

Reasons for why someone might not embrace a Tory MP as their best bud abounded:

Another lazy Tory hack job.

  1. This labour mp is admirably principled the duplicity within tory politics is nothing to befriend
    I thank her for speaking so Clearly and there is a huge difference between work and cosy politics
    Tories are labour’s opposition. The language the insults from tories to labour is alarming.

  2. Can anyone really be friends with these back stabbing, lying, dishonest , warmongering, greedy, selfish people. Laura Piddock is as distant from them and their backwards thinking as is possible to be.

  3. JBigglesworth says:

    Laura Pidcock is a North Durham MP. Maybe those Tories and their metropolitan journo chums so offended by Laura’s words should maybe get off their well-padded backsides and visit the constituencies there. Then they might realise what she’s getting at.

    Those Labour MPs that are making disapproving noises are closer to the Tories than the likes of Laura anyway.

  4. Well of course the Tories want to be friends with her, invite her to their dinner parties, perhaps a few jobs on their boards or a column in a friendly paper. Before you know it she’ll be promoting PFI initiatives and privatisation in the NHS, before going off to head a hedge fund offering outsourced surgery. That’s how Labour MPs are supposed to behave – not all this supporting their poorest constituents and opposing the party responsible.

  5. Katherine SCAIFE says:

    I admire anyone who has humanitarian principles. I’m a socialist so I have nothing to buddy up to the heartless Tories over. All socialist parties should be fighting the excesses of capitalism and it’s corrupt nature. To expect a socialist to be pals with the perpetrators of policies which are cruelly destroying the lives of the most vulnerable in society when you’re job is to help the vulnerable is absurd. I thought the Labour party was again a socialist party made up of socialists.

  6. Chris Kitcher says:

    Quite right. Who with any modicum of decency would want anything to do with the lying, callous Tory bastards?

  7. I have never been involved with the labour MP of North Durham.Laura Pidcock I would like to meet because my views as a socialist fall on no ears around the areas I live.The views in the towns and villages are very white Wing?no multicultural views and old mining views turned tory.lost and alone in my views.

  8. Chris Kitcher says:

    Don’t feel lost Bev. Down here in Essex I have the same problem with White Wingers but here we have the added nastiness of racism.

  9. Oh what’s surprise – jess Philips has a pop at her & makes it all about her.

    Yet another piece where she plays the victim, yet she’s fine with cozying up and having a laugh with mogg.

    Jess Philips can only dream of having an ounce of Laura’s integrity, honesty & loyalty

  10. But….but…but….dorris once called camoron, bozza & gidiot ‘arrogant posh boys, with no idea of the price of a pint of milk’…

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