A few days ago, the Daily Mail and Daily Express were lambasted for their ludicrous stories on EU airport passport checks, or “Brexit queues”, purposefully delaying British holidaymakers. Ironically, it now seems Theresa May herself proposed the tighter passport controls at airports the gutter press are whining about, against EU wishes…

The Daily Mail front page called the airport delays a “SHAMBLES,” claiming:

“Holidaymakers are queueing for hours as Brussels imposes tough border controls.”

However, one pundit pointed out that the EU had proposed “targeted” passport checks to May back in February 2016:

But back in Feb 2016, as Home Secretary, May told a home affairs committee:

“While the UK does not participate in the border control elements of Schengen, we have a strong interest in improving the security of the EU’s external border, and I will stress the need for the measure to cover systematic checks at airports and push for Schengen and non-Schengen states to be able to exchange immigration information.”

It therefore seems that May rejected the EU’s targeted checks for systematic checks at airports, despite what this would do to airport waiting times:




  1. Wonder what front page screaming headline the DM will run after Brexit when we have 4,000 lorries a day bound for the EU all banked up on the M2 waiting to get cleared by Dover customs.

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