Shadow Minister Chris Williamson MP suggested that women-only train carriages should be brought back in order to counter the incidence sexual assault. With the last women-only carriages scrapped in 1977, Williamson’s outdated proposals didn’t go down too well.

Williamson floated he idea by quoting reputable source Skwawkbox. He said:

“It would be worth consulting about it. It was pooh-poohed (when Jeremy Corbyn suggested it), but these statistics seem to indicate there is some merit in examining that.”

Williamson claimed the policy could help create a “safe space” for women on public transport. However, Jess Phillips MP was having none of it:

Fellow Labour MPs rallied behind her, calling out Williamson:

  1. when I was a teen commuting in to london, the Ladies only carriages were a godsend. It was no fun standing squashed in a mixed carriage that reeked of last nights excesses and of sweaty unwashed bodies. Bring back carriages for women for those that prefer it. If it is not popular then it can be reversed. What is wrong with these people? Every damn thing does not have to be a confrontation!

  2. Given Phillips’ propensity for self-promotion by tabloid you should treat her pronouncements with scepticism.

    Given women must be chaperoned in Saudi do they have segregated public transport?

    Trying to shut down an important debate with fatuous put downs rather than useful ideas is contemptible.

  3. A useful idea would be to prosecute and shame the perpetrators. I want to sit where I want, when I want and with whom I want. I’m not going to be hustled into a “safe space” because some idiot wants to wave his willy about.

    Sexual harassment is about power. It’s about making the public sphere unsafe for women, teaching us to know our place and defer to the male norm. If you don’t realise that, then you’ve got a way to go mate.

  4. Oh yes, Sarah – let it happen first, THEN prosecute.

    Nobody’s FORCING or HUSTLING you into a women-only carriage – it’s offering the choice.

    Fuck’s sake.

  5. Stuart Fanning says:

    Segregating women, pure and simple. What about a carriage for non white people in case they are racially abused. What about a carriage for Gay people in case of homophobic abuse.

  6. White people not subject to racial abuse, then? Can’t men be victims of sexual assault?

    Where do the likes of you get off? Offer a better solution, then. No? thought not.

    Get a life, and stop being a member of the the professionally offended.

  7. That Corbyn’s a right misogynistic bastard – He just wants to herd all women into the one carriage so he can have a seat on the train.

    The bastard…

  8. Maybe everyone should show their ID card when buying a ticket and then we’ll know who was on the train when the sexual assault took place. Oh wait…

  9. Would this mean if one, as a woman, rode in the other carriage, where men would be, becomes fair game? (jk)

  10. Fucking stupid idea. Runs the risk of victim blaming (well m’lud she chose not to use the ladies area).

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