Surprise, surprise: the Daily Mirror has revealed today that the Leave campaign’s allegations of £350 million a week going to the EU were grossly misreported, with less than half that amount actually going to Brussels. Which is very bad news for Brexiteers, who have yet to fathom the extraordinary infrastructure reforms and expenses that are needed, as one helpful Tweeter shows…

It has now become a Brexiteer reflex to shrug off ‘Remoaners’: as the Torygraph claimed, Brexit is “not a problem to be overcome – it is an opportunity to be seized.”

One generous Tweeter did offer the Leavers a comprehensive list of infrastructure reforms required by the time of our p(l)anned departure in 20 months. 

Embarrassingly similar to Mr Trump’s own farcical border-wall flop, the Tories have next-to-nothing planned with regards to checks and customs infrastructure:

And as the recent chlorinated chicken scandal has demonstrated, various health and safety agencies will need to be established to regulate trade:

Not to mention the nightmare of processing residency rights, which the Tories have delegated to the woefully under-resourced local Registrars office.

  1. Mick Bassett says:

    Last time I heard? ‘The French’ were adamantly (and very Rightly so! ) refusing to ‘do our controling for us’ and Good so!

  2. The leave exiters with their £350 million lie should be taken to court. A referendum if true facts and then we can decide
    The lies are too serious to just remain unchallenged in court
    Anyone out there prepared to take this to court?

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